Anyline Launches Unrivaled ID Scanning with NFC Chip Reader


By Alexander Loidolt, Anyline SVP of Enterprise Business

In addition to our secure and reliable mobile ID scanning solution on the market, Anyline can also read NFC Chips as a complementary security measure to our industry-leading ID scanning technology.

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What is an NFC Chip?

NFC Chips are found in biometric passports and IDs. They contain additional encrypted information about the owner and are especially useful in situations where security is the number 1 priority, and an extra level of protection is required. This includes border control and ID verification by police.

With Anyline, scanning an NFC Chip with a mobile device is fast and easy. Users simply hold their phone over the passport or chipped ID card, and the data will be immediately retrieved. This can then be checked immediately against the information gathered by scanning either the visual inspection zone of the ID or its MRZ (machine readable zone).

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Fast & Secure Mobile NFC Reading

Anyline ID scanning is already synonymous with lightning-fast scanning and ironclad security. It’s what puts our technology into the pockets of every police officer in Austria, the North-Rhine Westphalian police in Germany, and many more around the world

Traditionally this was achieved by providing simple MRZ scanning for IDs and passports. But while other solutions provide ID scanning and NFC Chip reading individually, Anyline combines both technologies. The resulting 2-step verification process gives Anyline users an unrivaled ID verification package, which will be significantly more difficult to overcome than one option alone.

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