How Santa Claus Saves Precious Hours on Christmas Eve with Anyline

How Santa Claus Saves Precious Hours on Christmas Eve with Anyline


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It’s Christmas time, and people are scrambling to get their last gifts for loved ones and tuck them safely under the tree. But the man with the biggest job of all still has a long night ahead of him! Every year, Santa Claus and his amazing team have to deliver presents to the children of the world.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But logistically, it’s a nightmare.”

To manage this huge operation, Santa has started working with Anyline to digitally transform his operations with mobile data capture. Here are 3 ways in which we are helping him to save precious hours on Christmas Eve!

Chistmas elves optimize the processing of naughty and lists with Anyline

Optimizing the “Naughty or Nice” List

There are a LOT of children in the world, and remembering everyone can be a major headache. Just one misspelled name can lead to all sorts of problems on Christmas morning, so it takes a long time.

“Before Santa would have to make a list and check it twice to know who has been naughty or nice. But using Anyline scanning means we can take the guesswork out of it, and changing from a paper-based list has been a huge time-saver.”

Reindeer Identification with scanning of ear tags and Anyline

Reindeer Identification

Down at Santa’s stables, another issue is being solved with the help of Anyline. The problem is that apart from Rudolph with his red nose, it’s actually very difficult to tell which one is Dancer or Prancer or Donder or Blitzen. They all look alike.

That’s why the reindeer wranglers have started scanning their ear-tags to help identify who is who!

“With mobile data capture enhancing our processes, the needs of all of my colleagues are finally met. Aside from the improvements this brings to employee satisfaction, this new technology finally gives us some leverage in our talks with the United Union of Reindeers.”

Christmas Logistics Optimization with Anyline

Optimizing Santa’s Logistics for the Big Day

When Christmas Eve comes, it’s ‘all hands on deck’ to ensure Santa delivers the right presents to the right children. But with so many gifts heading to destinations around the world, it’s easy for one or two to go missing.

Anyline solutions for logistics remove the chance for human error. Santa can now scan and track every present even before leaving the North Pole, and again while standing on the roof of your house, before he jumps down the chimney.

“When you’re flying across the planet on a sleigh, you lose internet connection all the time. Luckily, Anyline works offline, so it’s not really an issue. I just scan and go on my merry way”


With his list checked, his reindeers counted and every gift accounted for, Anyline gives back Santa precious hours on Christmas eve, so even he can take a moment to enjoy his milk and cookies before heading to the next house.

“We’re delighted to be working with Santa Claus to optimize his deliveries on Christmas Eve. The children of the world can sleep tight knowing that every present from St. Nick will be safely delivered.”

“I hope this means we are all on the “nice” list this year, even Greili!”

🎄 Anyline wishes you a Merry Christmas!🎄 

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