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The latest release from Anyline is out, and we have three exciting product updates for Anyline for Websites!

Anyline for Websites can now scan driver’s licenses!

Thanks to some amazingly hard work from our development team, Anyline for Websites is able to scan driver’s licenses from Germany, the UK, and Austria. This is extremely exciting for us as you no longer need an expensive mobile application to collect this vital information from customers. By simply integrating Anyline into your current website with few lines of code, filling out lengthy driver’s license information data can now be done in a flash!

Try this feature for yourself here!

Scan your Austrian e-card with Anyline for Websites!

In addition to driver’s licenses, we have also enabled the same platform to read the data from your Austrian E-Card! By minimizing the time it currently takes for healthcare workers to manually enter this data, we are hopeful that this update will speed up the Austrian healthcare process.

Scan your e-card here!

Anyline for Websites can read German ID’s!

While many ID cards have become quite standardized, the German ID card required a surprising amount of clever innovation from our development team. With this product update, we are very happy to share that Anyline for Websites can now accurately read every line on the front side of the German ID card. This will efficiently remove the need for workers to manually enter basic personal information and replace the process with a simple scan from their mobile device!

Try this with your German ID here!

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