Playing our Part: How Anyline Supports the Fight against Covid-19

By Lukas Kinigadner, Anyline CEO

Every day at 6 pm, I hear a slow rumble outside the window of my apartment. The rumble turns into a roar and looking out the window, I can see dozens of people from the buildings around me erupting into applause that rings out across Vienna.

This daily tradition is taking place in cities around Europe, from Rome to Athens and elsewhere.

It’s applause for those who are not safe inside their homes as we all are.

Our emergency services, our police, delivery personnel, shop workers, and everyone who is risking their lives to bring this virus under control, and keep our society on its feet.

It’s easy to feel helpless right now. But we in the tech community have a role to play; we have technology and tools at our fingertips which can support our frontline services and make their vital work easier and safer.

That is why Anyline is offering police, border security, health workers, and logistics companies the opportunity to use our technology free of charge for as long as needed to bring Covid-19 under control.

To make this happen as soon as possible, our team will work with governments, service providers, and companies to ensure our technology can be quickly integrated onto their apps or websites.

It is our hope that in a small way, we can give more than our applause to those on the street today. And if you are one of those who think our technology can help you in this vital work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

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