Project Description

How to Improve Utility Efficiency like Symvaro

Boosts efficiency of water utilities by up to 60% | Raises awareness for water consumption | Manages the whole lifecycle of water meters

Starting Point

Create a smart solution for water management

Symvaro provides urban habitats with modern technology, apps and software, that make everyday life easier. The company therefore also found several ways to simplify the complex processes around the water meter. In particular, the reading of water meters needed a practical solution that would allow the user to quickly register data as well as reduce typing errors and costly time waste.  Out of the multiple requirements from the water sector, the perfect solution was created: WATERLOO.


Digitalize the whole water sector with WATERLOO

Symvaro believes in the power of customer integration, professional simplicity and going mobileTheir product WATERLOO is to become a key tool for the management of water meter reading and exchange, as it helps in all the various phases of the water meter lifecycle: recording the meters in stock, the exchange of the old and the installation of a new water meter, the reading and collecting data via staff members and/or citizens, the statistical analysis of water meter data and more


Manage the whole lifecycle of water meters with just one tool

Avoiding typing mistakes. Reliable scanning. Upload of usable digitalized data. Saving the scanned image to prevent mistakes and being able to check the image at a later moment.  Symvaro achieved all of this by integrating Anyline into the WATERLOO System.  Now all the valuable data automatically lands in the WATERLOO Management Center.

WATERLOO therefore offers simple operation and immensely high resource saving regarding water meter reading and exchange. The annoying paperwork is done with and the frequency of the errors, which inevitably sneaks in when working with paper, is minimal to none. A seamless integration into different billing systems is guaranteed as well. Decisions can now be made more effectively since WATERLOO provides a practically-oriented view and analysis of the obtained data. Thus, with this solution every water utility, small or big, can take the ultimate leap into the digital age.

Anyline is an added value to WATERLOO, a functional and interactive feature that boosts the efficiency of the entire app.