How to Run Tensorflow on Windows UWP X86

Discover how to run Tensorflow on Windows UWP x86 systems. Run Tensorflow software on 32bit systems, even if the build system is 64bit.

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Sep 22, 2019

What is Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is a free open-source software developed by the Google Brain team. With Tensorflow you are able to construct neural networks, which allows you to train machine learning models with data fast and easily. Tensorflow is usually used as a Python package, but can also be built from source in C++ code.

With deep learning software like Tensorflow, it’s easier than ever to use machine learning and computer vision and apply it to real-world use cases. Without Tensorflow thousands of companies and projects wouldn’t have the ability to make progress in these areas as well as they do.

Challenge of Implementing Tensorflow on Windows UWP X86

So how should we manage to run our software on 32 bit Windows systems through Tensorflow when the build system is just designed for 64 bit? Usually, most of the time it makes sense to go with 64 bit and not just 32 bit, especially when it comes to large computations such as neural networks.

Usually, the powerful Tensorflow framework, which is a C++ library, is called via python wrappers. So what our developers did was to consume Tensorflow directly in our C++ library without python. Our library is compiled for x86, so we are able to support desktop devices such as the Microsoft Surface as well as the Microsoft HoloLens, which only runs on 32 bit.

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