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The Top Tools and Technologies Used in Logistics Management Right Now


The technology supporting the logistics and supply chain industries has been traditionally fairly static, but the past five to 10 years have been a time of tremendous growth. With this expanding growth and continuous change, we at Anyline want to help you keep up with what’s hot right now in logistics and supply chain management.

Check out these four top tools and technologies in use in Logistics Management right now.

  • Supply Chain Management Software (SCM)
  • GPS and Tracking Tools
  • Drones
  • Mobile Phones and Smart Devices

Supply Chain Management Software (SCM)

Every logistics operator has one end goal: to bring as many different processes together as possible in an effort to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and lower operational costs.

Supply chain management software (often called an SCM) is an essential modern tool that can accomplish this for you. A quality SCM will help operators to collect all the vital steps and processes that take place throughout the supply chain. A good SCM is the single most powerful way to simplify logistics processes and well worth the investment for operators looking to make an immediate ROI.

SCMs can handle automation and alerts on statuses, forecasting, transport and order management, as well as the day-to-day operations.

GPS and Tracking Tools

These days, customer expectations surrounding tracking and updates are higher than ever before. Real-time and live tracking was once just a pipe dream, completely unrealistic for any organization to execute on a mass scale across the business operations. But today’s GPS and tracking tools make real-time tracking a realistic possibility for companies of all sizes, adding a level of transparency to the logistics industry that’s a true game-changer for operators of all sizes.

GPS tracking tools aren’t just for customers, either. You can leverage these technologies both with and for your suppliers, and your own warehouse operations can benefit from it as well.


A decade or so ago, drones were a novelty toy for kids (and kids at heart). But drones are certainly coming into their own as industrial products that can offer an array of benefits to logistics and warehousing firms.

The camera and software systems embedded into today’s commercial and industrial drones have numerous applications, including surveying, observation, and even warehouse management. Logistics operators throughout the supply chain can benefit from the insights that drones can deliver.

Mobile Phones and Smart Devices with OCR technology

The modern smartphone is a technological marvel, cramming an astounding amount of power and functionality into a pocketable and reasonably affordable device. Even better, nearly everyone is already carrying one, so deployment costs don’t have to be high.

Smartphones and tablets have already transformed our everyday routines, and these devices are starting to transform logistics management as well.

Through the use of clever SDKs like ours at Anyline, workers at every level of your organization can accomplish nearly all of their tasks directly from a smartphone or tablet. In fact, they can perform most, if not all the same functions that used to require bulky (not to mention expensive) single-purpose devices.

Anyline’s tech supports intelligent barcode and serial number scanning – but that’s just the start. Our SDK is powerful and diverse enough to scan shipping containers, license plates, and even ID documents — all from your mobile phone.

Even better, Anyline’s SDK is easy to integrate. Whatever your current data management system looks like, chances are good we can work with it.

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