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How Contactless Data Capture Helps Universities Stay Open During COVID-19

In the midst of the global pandemic, universities are facing an unprecedented challenge to enable academic life to continue. From Alabama to Glasgow, college campuses have been the sites of numerous COVID-19 clusters. 

So how can they stay open, while protecting their staff and students?

For universities, mobile test sites could be easily set up to test staff before allowing entry to the campus. 

By performing gargle tests, then using contactless mobile scanning to collect the user’s ID information and the barcode of the test sample, universities have a fast and safe way to ensure the right data is connected to each test, dramatically reducing the time needed for test results.

“Anyline is providing contactless data capture solutions to companies around the world to help control COVID-19,” said Lukas Kinigadner, CEO of Anyline. “This technology enables normal life to continue by providing a fast, accurate, and secure way to collect the information needed for tracking and tracing, as well as for vaccine administration.”

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