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1.Step: Choose the Use Case for your App.
2.Step: Scan via smartphone and get the result, no typing necessary.
3.Step: You decide what happens with the result.

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Anyline helps you in satisfying your customers’ desires for new and innovative solutions in the digital field!

We know your challenge of coming up with thriving, innovative and amazing ideas for your clients over and over again. We admire your passion as a digital agency to follow the pulse of time in this competitive field. That’s why we’d love to invite you to our Anyline Agency Partner Program.

By adding the Best OCR SDK on the market to the mobile applications you build, you separate yourself from the crowd and spice up your portfolio. The Anyline SDK works across all mobile platforms and is super easy to integrate. Benefit from using our cutting-edge technology and stay ahead of the game!

OCR Agency Use Cases


In the food & beverage industry, the codes are used to drive customer interest towards products and brands. The main goal of these promotions should be to make reading or collecting these codes super easy and fun! Scanning codes with a smartphone will push the gamification factor and increase the participation of your customers.


By focusing a marketing campaign around one distinct piece of information like a defined hashtag or the act of collecting certain codes, customers and users can be engaged with ease. Still, the “WOW” effect often comes from an outstanding mobile user experience and a well designed interface. Anyline can be added to your mobile app in an instant to provide this customer experience.

Collecting Customer Data

Anyline can scan MRZs and IDs 20x faster than manual data entry. Streamline your onboarding process by letting customers scan their details rather than filling out forms. The transfer of data only begins with an active internet connection so scans are secure while maintained on your customer’s device.

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