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How anyline works

1.Step: Place your document in the scan view to get an accurate result.
2.Step: Capture via smartphone and get the result, sharp and ready for processing.
3.Step: You decide what happens with the result.

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The Anyline Document Scanner is an easy and reliable tool for scanning printed documents. It provides you with an adjusted digital file of whatever you scan.

You decide if you want to directly upload the processed file to your cloud or store it offline. Speed up your paperwork by scanning your documents and storing them whatever way you want. The Anyline Document Scanner is available as an iOS Document Scanner SDK and Android Document Scanner SDK and supports wrappers such as Xamarin, Cordova and React Native.

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Use Cases


Keep a perfect record of your documents with Anyline’s document scanning feature. It’s highly accurate and creates instant scans so you never need to type again. Scan your documents and immediately upload them to your database with ease to optimize your document management processes.


Collecting all the invoices for your accounting is – well – annoying. With the Anyline Document Scanner, you can scan your bills and digitize them in the blink of an eye. The image gets cropped and adjusted by default. This process combined with the Anyline OCR SDK allows you to extract text, such as the payment amount or the due date, in complete form. Make your life easier by implementing the technology of Anyline in your mobile application.


A lot of contracts and purchases happen online these days. But there are still some processes where you have to deal with paperwork. Wouldn’t it be nice to store all your data in one place? Scan your documents with your smartphone and you can store them in the cloud or keep them in digital form on your device. Have confidential data? Don’t worry, our technology works offline and your data will only be saved in your local storage.

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