Say Goodbye to Paperwork with Mobile Document Scanning

Accurate, fast, and reliable mobile document scanning SDK for iOS, Android, and more. Use any smart device to quickly and accurately digitize the documents you need.

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Scan Documents with Ease

Our easy-to-use mobile document scanner is designed to be as flexible as you are. Just point and scan to get an adjusted and optimized digital file of any document. With our patented post-processing technology, Anyline mobile document scanning ensures that your document scans are of the best quality.

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Scan Documents with Any Mobile Device

With mobile scanning, you need to touch documents only once – just point, scan and go. As the Anyline document scanner is built for mobile devices, there is no need to purchase any kind of dedicated hardware to get started – our mobile scanning solutions work on any smart device. Save time and resources by managing the digitization of your documents with mobile scanning.

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Anyline Benefits

Secure Data Processing
Every document scan is kept on your mobile device, so your data is safe and secure, and is not shared with third-party servers.
Location & Connection Independent
With every document processed on-device, there is no need to rely on an internet connection, allowing you to scan no matter where you are.
Batch Scanning
With our latest document scanner, you can scan documents in batches, simplifying your process and allowing you to collate your final documents.
Average 0.5 Seconds Per Page
Quicker than you can blink, your documents will be accurately scanned and ready for export into your project.
Our on-device processing means all data captured stays safe in your closed system.
No Special Hardware Needed
With nothing more than the mobile device in your pocket, you can accurately and efficiently scan the documents you need on the go, without any special hardware.

Commonly asked Document Scanner questions.

The Anyline Document Scanner SDK allows you to scan any rectangular document, be it a receipt, a label, a card etc. The plugin detects document outlines, validates the angles and aspect ratio of the document, determines the text sharpness, and rectifies the final scan.

Yes, the Anyline Document Scan UI Plugin offers a ready-to-use solution to add a featured document scanning functionality to your app, such as cropping, a bottom navigation bar with buttons and more.

Our SDK is natively developed for iOS, Android, and UWP, but supports also common integration frameworks such as Xamarin, Cordova, React Native and Flutter. The sample code can be found in our documentation, example projects on GitHub. You can download and test the SDK directly from our demo page.

Absolutely, please take a look at our product demos for mobile apps and websites/web apps.

We offer our packages on the basis of annual licenses and tailor our solutions individually to the needs of each of our customers. Please get in touch regarding your individual quote.

Yes. Since the Anyline SDK does not require an internet connection, and because we do not store any data on ours or third-party servers, it is compliant with the GDPR, DSGVO, APIS and the CCPA.

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