Lead Horizon using Anyline Mobile Data Capture for COVID-19 Test Kits

Anyline Partners with Leading COVID-19 Test Company LEAD Horizon

LEAD Horizon, the leading company for self-administered COVID-19 testing kits, integrates Anyline mobile scanning in their COVID-19 self-test.

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The Path Back to Normal

Today, we can announce that Anyline is partnering with LEAD Horizon, a leading provider of home COVID-19 tests. If you don’t know about LEAD Horizon already, it is the easiest and most convenient way for individuals and companies to self-administer their COVID-19 test in Austria.

Using LEAD Horizon’s convenient testing kit, it is possible to collect your own saliva sample in the comfort of your own home and send it by post to a dedicated lab for testing. Test results then returned to the sender typically within one day.


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