How Madreselva Streamlined Underground Water Meter Reading

When it comes to collecting water meter information in El Salvador, the term “adverse conditions” is an understatement. Madreselva Aqua is a private utility company based in the Urbanización Madreselva in El Salvador and provides quality water services through the use of the Madreselva Urbanization Aqueduct System. This aqueduct system is naturally supplied from three deep wells that collect the water, at which point it is transported to two distribution tanks and made available to customers in the area for safe consumption.

Due to the challenging and fragile nature of both the aqueduct system and distribution system, Madreselva wanted to ensure that its meter reading resources were of the highest quality. Not only that, but a robust and agile solution was needed as many of the meters were in dark and imperfect conditions, making it difficult with dedicated devices or even by manual data collection.

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