How myschaden24 Streamlines Insurance Processes with Mobile Scanning

How MySchaden24 Streamlines Insurance Processes with Mobile Scanning

The app of myschaden24 uses mobile scanning to improve insurance processes. Clients register & report damage directly with their mobile device.

myschaden24 is an innovative mobile app for car insurance that allows users to register and report vehicle damage directly from their smartphone. The app gives drivers support and control in a stressful situation by letting them upload photos and information from their incident onto the myschaden24 platform, where they receive an assessment from a damage inspector.

Find out how they were able to implement a full package of Anyline mobile scanning solutions so that their customers can make claims faster, and damage inspectors can make quicker payout decisions.

The Vision

Vehicle insurance claims require drivers to collect and send a variety of information to their provider which is time-consuming and can result in errors from typing out long combinations of numbers and letters. This is especially relevant as a vehicle accident can be a stressful situation and remembering to collect the right data can be difficult.

Although they were providing a more efficient solution compared to the traditional methods, myschaden24 wanted to create the smartest and most efficient car insurance claim process on the market. For this reason, they started looking for a robust solution that would save their customers time and stress when completing their claims.

Automotive accidents are never planned and come with a lot of anxiety, often leading to the correct information not being collected. Anyline‘s robust technology and offline functionality mean that no matter where drivers encounter trouble, from the underground parking lot to the side of the highway, they can scan all the information they need and upload it to the myschaden24 platform within minutes.

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