How Symvaro Improves Utility Efficiency with Mobile Meter Reading

Symvaro develops mobile solutions and software that make everyday tasks easier for water utilities and municipalities. Through their popular WATERLOO 365 application, the company simplifies the processes of collecting water meter readings for customers who are able to complete the process in a matter of minutes with their own smartphone.

This has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, where traveling has been limited, and technician visits have not been feasible. Now, utility and municipality customers can complete their own registration and read their own meters independently.

Symvaro Waterloo App with Anyline Mobile Scanning & OCR Technology

The Symvaro Vision

Symvaro believes in the power of customer empowerment, professional simplicity, and leveraging the power of mobile devices. In recent years, their app WATERLOO 365 has become a vital tool for utilities and municipalities, which are using it to manage water meter reading and to increase engagement with their customers. The app helps in all the vital phases of the water meter lifecycle, from the recording and exchanging of new meters to the actual reading and collecting of the meter value data.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the use of the application by customers has risen significantly as travel restrictions made it unfeasible for technicians to perform on-site meter readings. The meter reading app even found widespread acceptance among older users, showing just how easy the solution is to use.

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The Anyline Solution

Bringing this innovative water meter reading solution to market was no easy task, but Symvaro wanted to ensure that the finished application brought increased meter reading accuracy while also simplifying the reading collection process, no matter the user’s technological competence. Through a partnership with Anyline, Symvaro achieved all of this by integrating our mobile meter reading into the WATERLOO 365 application.

Since launching WATERLOO 365 in 2017, Symvaro has seen an increase in demand for the technology which has allowed them to work with various other utility companies and municipalities in upgrading their water meter reading processes. The newly adopted process allows companies to eliminate all downstream work that occurs prior to billing creation.

The data is automatically recognized by the Anyline software and the user’s meter reading is transmitted via the app. The meter reading is also automatically relayed to the water utility after saving the transmission, improving both traceability and meter reading transparency. In addition, the end-customer also receives a confirmation email that includes an actual picture of the recorded water meter – improving their customer experience and limiting disputes over incorrect meter readings.

Overall, the WATERLOO 365 app saves time and resources for both utilities and their customers, with the added benefit of providing a safer solution for water management.

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“Enhancing our product with the technology provided by Anyline helps us focus on our core business and provide our customers with an excellent meter reading solution. We are happy to have a great partner like Anyline on our side.”