Filling Dealerships Lots with Turn Automotive and Mobile VIN Scanning

Turn Automotive is a digital dealer-to-dealer marketplace that helps to eliminate dealership wholesale losses by providing rapid and guaranteed offers for vehicles. “Turn App” works to connect buyers and sellers throughout the United States for fast, efficient, and safe transactions on the go.  

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Turn Automotive Cofounder, Marc Steiner shared his thoughts on integrating with Anyline: 

“Having the support from Anyline VIN Scanning has been an extremely valuable addition to our mobile application, enabling customers to list their vehicles in a fraction of the time. The speed and accuracy of the scanning itself continue to impress us and our users as we work with automotive dealerships across the country.” 

 Anyline CEO, Lukas Kinigadner, applauded Turn Automotive for being an innovation leader in the automotive market: 

“Seeing our VIN Scanning Solution being used in the American market with such scale and effectiveness is a fantastic result. This is exactly what we intended to see when we brought the solution to the market. Having partners like Turn Automotive, who embrace innovation, has been great and we look forward to continued success in the coming years.” 

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