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How to add Passport & ID Scanning to your website with Anyline

Add passport scanning to your website with Anyline

The latest Anyline update is now available, bringing with it 3 big developments for our ID and document scanning capabilities! 

Find out what we’re excited about in our new release rundown.

Effortless passport & ID scanning on your webpage

Back in June, we launched Anyline JS, which lets users integrate Anyline into any website. Originally for meter reading and serial numbers, our latest release introduces MRZ ID scanning to the mix! 

What is an MRZ?

The machine readable zone, or MRZ, is the small block of text and numbers at the bottom of all modern passports and many national IDs. As the name suggests, they are designed to be easily read by machines to speed up the ID verification process.

In dozens of industries, from travel and tourism, to tax-free shopping, and the banking sector, companies need to quickly onboard their customers by registering their ID information. To simplify the process, many choose to create apps so that their users instantly scan and send their ID information to register.

But making an app can be time-consuming and expensive, and many customers don’t want to clutter their phones with ‘one use’ apps. Now, businesses can cut out the middle-man, and let their customers register themselves directly on their website. 

Rather than having to wait for an app to download, users will simply open the scan function on the company website, and scan the MRZ of their ID document from their computer webcam or phone camera!  The result? A fast, effortless onboarding experience.

Scan NFC Chips with Anyline

Following the launch of iOS 13 in October, we can now offer a 2-step ID verification process on both Apple and Android devices! By combining our market-leading MRZ scanning with NFC Chip reading, Anyline users can now enjoy the most secure mobile ID scanning on the market.

So, how does it work?

NFC Chips are found in biometric passports and IDs. They contain additional encrypted information about the owner, and are especially useful in situations where security is the number 1 priority, and extra level of protection is required. This includes border control and ID verification by police.

In practice, users will simply hold their phone over the passport or chipped ID card and the data will be immediately retrieved. This is then checked immediately against the information gathered by scanning the MRZ at the bottom of the document.

NFC gif

“Where Anyline ID Scanning stands above its competitors is our 2-step verification process. All of our major clients in the police have spoken to us about this capability because it gives an extra layer of security. Anyline is giving police and border security an ‘uncheatable’ ID verification tool, right on their smartphone.”

Alexander Loidolt, Anyline Enterprise Business Partner.

Big Upgrades to our Document Scanner on Android

Our latest release also introduces a number of significant updates to the Document Scanner for Android devices. These upgrades will improve both scan precision, and overall user experience. 

It will also be easier to integrate – and customize – so that companies can offer their users a document scanning solution that fits their exact needs.

Let’s get into the new features:

Multi-page scanning and custom functions

The new document scanner allows users to scan multiple pages which can then be saved together. The size and format of the documents can now also be set to predefined or customized ratios, so that users get the exact format, and file size, for their scans. 

These updates are complemented with an improved user interface, which will allow for flash control, ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons, and a manual picture-taking mode, which can be used to capture images when they are not automatically detected by the scanner.

Easier and more adaptable integration

All of these new features will be available to add or remove from the control bar at the bottom of the screen. Along with the overall design, these new functions will also be configurable so that integrators can create tailor-made solutions for their user base.

With an easier and more adaptable integration, this update will make the Anyline document scanner much faster to implement, and significantly lower the barrier for companies wishing to implement document scanning into their existing apps.

Get the full details on Anyline 15!

Anyline 15 is the latest version of the Anyline SDK. You can find out more about this update in our official release notes.

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