Anyline 39 – Flutter support, improved commercial tire scanning and new IDs

Christian Pichler

Christian Pichler

Chief Technology Officer at Anyline

May 18, 2022

After the release of major features in the past couple of months with tire size scanning and online tire scanning, we are taking the time with this release to improve Anyline’s scanning capabilities and extend our support to your favorite development kits.

Anyline now supports Flutter

One of our key priorities is to make it as quick and easy as possible to integrate our SDK into your existing processes. We are therefore happy to announce that our scanning solution now fully supports Flutter!

This gives developers more choice of frameworks they want to work with, and it will also give the opportunity for companies that already work with an app developed with Flutter to integrate our many scanning capabilities without any problem!

In addition to Flutter, Anyline OCR scanning solution already supports Xamarin, Cordova, and React Native. It can also be integrated into web applications with our JavaScript SDK. You can fully benefit from our capabilities on iOS, Android and UWP. For more information, check out our documentation!

Enhanced tire scanning capabilities

Our tire scanner helps tire retailers and tire service providers to gather the data they need – but it also needs to be easy to use! That’s why we enhanced our solution to be able to scan tire size numbers, DOT codes and Commercial tire ID numbers upside-down. You now just need to scan tirewalls regardless of their orientation to digitize data in a second.