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The Next Generation Barcode Scanner

What our Barcode Scanner can do for you: capture and process barcode information with lightning speed, high accuracy and any mobile device. With an extensive library of supported barcode symbologies, we have brought the capabilities of Anyline barcode scanning on par with our industry-leading OCR solutions.

Anyline offers you a trusted enterprise solution to scan barcodes. Take a closer look at the performance and reliability of our barcode scanner by testing our demo app.


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Accurate & Reliable Barcode Scanning

Anyline barcode scanning is easy to integrate, works on any mobile device and offers you reliable data capture and top performance, even under the most challenging conditions.

Do your users encounter torn barcode labels, work in adverse weather conditions, or perform scans in remote locations without an active internet connection? With Anyline, you gain the confidence that the job gets done, regardless of the circumstances.

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Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK

3 Good Reasons to Choose our Barcode Scanner SDK

  • Up to 240 scans per minute: with our Barcode Scanner you can scan multiple barcodes at the same time and it even works offline;
  • Scanning from up to 30 feet away: you can scan in tough conditions like low contrast and outdoors;
  • A broad range of operating systems supported: our SDK can be integrated in Android, iOS, UWP, & common integration frameworks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Anyline barcode scanner is able to read and process all standard commercial barcodes, as well as legacy symbologies, postal codes, scans 2D barcode & scan 1D barcode symbologies, and more.

The following types of barcodes are supported:

  • UPC A, UPC E
  • EAN-8, EAN-13- EAN-18, EAN-99, EAN-128
  • Identcode
  • Leitcode
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13
  • ISSN
  • ISMN
  • ITF-14
  • ISBT-128
  • Data Matrix
  • Aztec, Aztec vCard
  • Codabar
  • QR-Code, Micro QR-Code
  • Code-11, Code-32, Code-39, Code-93, Code-128
  • PDF417, Micro PDF417
  • GS1-128, GS1 QR-Code
  • MSI/Plessey
  • US Postnet, US Planet, US Postal
  • USPS 4CB
  • Trioptic
  • RSS-14
  • RSS Expanded
  • Maxi Code
  • Inverted Data Matrix

A full overview is available in our documentation.

Our high performance barcode engine is natively developed for iOS and Android, but supports also common integration frameworks such as Cordova, React Native and Flutter. The sample code can be found in our documentation, example projects on GitHub.

You can download and test our mobile barcode SDK via 30 days trial or simply try our demo app.

Absolutely. If you want to test the capabilities of our new barcode scanner, it’s easy to get started: Simply download our demo app and start scanning!

For further information on integrating our barcode scanner or a combination of Anyline solutions into your app or website, get in touch with us today.

We offer our packages on the basis of annual licenses and tailor our solutions individually to the needs of each of our customers. Please get in touch regarding your individual quote.

Yes. Since our mobile SDK for barcode scanning does not require an internet connection, and because we do not store any data on ours or on third-party servers, our barcode scanner is compliant with the GDPR, DSGVO, APIS and the CCPA.

Furthermore, Anyline has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, a globally recognized, international standard for information security.

Barcodes are an evergreen technology, with uses across almost every industry and business function. Whether you work in retail, logistics or healthcare to name only a few, barcodes are ubiquitous and so is the capability to scan and process the information stored on them.

Barcodes have their limitations as well, of course. There are many places where they cannot be used such as for many manufacturing processes. But when used in combination with OCR technology, companies are able to enjoy the best of both worlds.


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