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The Next Generation of Data Collection: From Recorder to Collector App

The Next Generation of Data Collection: From Anyline Recorder App to Anyline Collector App - OCR Data Collection

Bridging the gap between the analog and digital world, Anyline provides mobile scanning solutions to various industries to streamline processes, enhance automation and to support the digital transformation of businesses and institutions around the globe.

Anyline Recorder App Logo OCR Sample Data Collection Tool

The agility and versatility of Anyline’s mobile scanning technology depends on the extensive training of our AI and machine models with high quality data sets of recorded images and videos. When we started to develop mobile scanning solutions for very specific use cases, like Tire DOT scanning, the need for an application to record, process and transfer this visual training data emerged: The Anyline Recorder App was born.

The Anyline Recorder App was designed from the get-go to empower our clients to share visual data sample sets of their specific use cases with Anyline in a way that would be both simple and secure to use. It was built to test and read optical character recognition (OCR) technology collecting the data needed to teach our technology how to scan new characters, text and code formats for any unique use case and with any mobile device.

User Interface of Anyline Recorder App

After many years of successful use by our clients around the world, and thousands of detailed data sets for various use cases recorded, the time has come for the next generation of data collection to lift off:

Anyline Collector App Logo OCR Sample Data Collection Tool

With the transition to the Anyline Collector App, we take the next evolutionary step in data collection and technological adaptability. The Anyline Collector App uses more accurate image pre-processing algorithms to get the best scan results possible, and provides our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with the necessary real life data that is needed to adapt our mobile scanning SDK to any client and use case. 

Combined with the capability to scan sample images and videos in low-light conditions and even without an active data connection – as all processing and recognition steps are done on the device – the Anyline Collector App provides our customers with an accurate, reliable and secure way to transfer high quality training data to us to further improve our AI and machine learning models, while also adapting our scanning technology to each use case even better.

User Interface of Anyline Collector App

All recordings collected via the Anyline Collector App are used for the sole purpose of further improving the Anyline SDK in order to provide better products, additional use cases and even more custom-tailored mobile scanning solutions to businesses and institutions around the world. 

The Anyline Collector App is available on App Store & Google Play Store:

Get the Anyline Collector App on Apple App Store
Get the Anyline Collector App on Google Play Store

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