How to Easily Improve Your Logistics with Mobile Scanning

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How to Easily Improve Your Logistics with Mobile Scanning

Modern logistic processes have a lot of moving parts. It’s an industry defined by the movement of raw materials and finished products before they reach us. In most cases, the product your buying has travelled further to get to the store than you have. That’s why mobile scanning is the perfect tool for tracking and verifying the delivery and transport of goods.

Anyline is mobile OCR technology that can be used to scan serial numbers, VIN numbers, shipping container numbers and more. Once it’s integrated in your workforce app and installed on your devices, your staff will be able to instantly scan a variety of logistic information with almost complete accuracy. That’s why we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor for supply chain execution in 2018.

You can scan almost all types of standardized fonts and text with Anyline. You just point your mobile device at the scan target and Anyline does the rest. Once scanned, you can securely upload your scan results to your database. This removes the need for manual data entry in your daily processes.

Improve Your Logistics!

For the full picture, check out these awesome benefits of mobile scanning and find out if it can transform your logistic processes today!

Mobile Scanning Makes Logistics Accurate and Easy to Perform

Mobile scanning is one of the most accurate methods of data collection for your logistic processes. Human error means that there will always be mistakes or typing errors in manually collected data. Fortunately, mobile scanning is simple to do and can help individuals to become trusted data gatherers.

Anyline Can Accurately Scan in Every Step of Your Supply Chain

Anyline is 99% accurate in laboratory conditions. This can represent a huge improvement in your data gathering activities.

You need to correctly gather data in your logistic processes to ensure the successful transportation and delivery of goods. It’s also necessary for stock taking and inventory categorization. On top of that, accurate data can save your business money.

One study suggests that poor data quality cost brands up to 6% of their revenue in 2015. In 2016, a different study claimed that bad data was costing the US economy €3 trillion. In addition, a 2017 study suggests that 84% of CEOs are doubtful of the data quality they receive and base decisions on.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why accurate data collection should be a priority for any business. The logistics industry requires a high level of accurate data collection to begin with. With improved scanning of serial numbers, shipping containers and VINs you’re sure to reduce error rates during the transport of raw goods and finished products.

Securely Scan Logistic Data in All Locations

While there are many mobile OCR solutions that can improve your logistic processes, none of them provide you with the agility and freedom that Anyline does. That’s because Anyline can scan and record data even without an internet connection.

Offline scanning lets you scan anywhere and anytime. You just need to upload the scan data to your database once you regain a secure internet connection. This makes Anyline the perfect tool for gathering data from remote or hard to reach places. This means you can scan underground, in tunnels, on freighters and even in remote storage locations.

The logistics industry is full of areas that lack wifi connections and even mobile internet signal. The examples above are just some of the more common places that offline scanning benefits our users.

In addition to the offline scanning mode, Anyline also includes low-light detection. This will automatically activate when there’s not enough light for an accurate scan to take place.

Enabling your workforce to scan from all locations will transform your data gathering processes. You’ll be able to digitize all the relevant information you need from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Scanning Can Save You Time and Money

Anyline can scan and process data in an instant. Once you find a target, you point your mobile device at it and our mobile scanning technology does the rest!

Save Time with Mobile Logistics Scanning

Instant serial number, shipping container and VIN scanning can significantly reduce the duration of your manual processes. It even lets you remove typing and manual data entry from the daily routine of your workforce. This can save you hours of unproductive working time on a daily basis.

Not only are typing and manual data entry time-consuming, they’re black spots for inaccurate data to enter your processes. Removing these black spots will create more time for your workforce to focus on their primary responsibilities.

In addition, a scan can be up to 20 times faster than writing or typing when it comes to documenting a single piece of data. So every scan you perform is a time-saver!

Save Money with Mobile Logistics Scanning

Instant scanning also means that you can incorporate serial number, VIN and shipping container scanning in your real-time processes. Unloading and reloading a shipping container takes time, which costs you money in salary or wages. You can use Anyline at the point of delivery to verify that you’ve received the correct container or shipment. You can also use it to avoid sending or delivering the wrong materials to a customer or partner.

Digitizing your data also reduces costs for resources like paper and storage. With Anyline, your data becomes available for transfer to, and storage in, your organisation’s database as soon as a scan is complete.


TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG is an Austrian family business and member of the Swarovski Group. Since 1919, they have manufactured grinding, cutting, drilling, and dressing tools, as well as machines for the construction industry. Their incoming freight is large in size and it’s classified by complex serial numbers. This makes the manual registration of incoming goods difficult for both the delivering and receiving parties.


For industrial manufacturers, the receipt of incoming goods is a tricky process. It produces a lot of paperwork and requires a high level of precision when handling incoming data and information. In fact, the information managed in the process of incoming goods is essential in many ways: for freight registration, invoicing and payments, as well as for official controls. Further, one of the biggest problems that arises is when incorrect goods are delivered. If this is acknowledged too late after the goods are already unloaded, it’s costly in time and resources for all parties involved.


TYROLIT has adopted the machine learning and optical character recognition technology of Anyline on the mobile devices of their workforce. This has removed the problems encountered during the complex and mistake-laden identification processes of receiving goods. This is the first case of integrating Anyline’s OCR into an SAP system combined with mobile iOS devices.

The Tirol-based manufacturing producer TYROLIT made a yearly profit of 670 million euro in 2017, making them a world-leader in the tool manufacturing industry. They receive goods from around the world and had managed them through manual data entry in their SAP system. This complex and mistake-laden process has now been simplified by Anyline, and brought up to Industry 4.0 standards.


TYROLIT found and implemented an efficient way to digitize the registration of incoming freight. This proves TYROLIT’s highly innovative spirit is in tune with the world of modern digitization and the smart use of mobile devices as work tools.

The process of cataloging incoming goods is greatly accelerated and mistakes are avoided with Anyline’s technology. Work is already in progress to see how this technology can be rolled out in other areas of the TYROLIT Group’s business. “We’re very pleased to have taken a new step in the integration of our OCR technology with a large Austrian family business like TYROLIT,” commented Lukas Kinigadner, founder and CEO of Anyline.

“Anyline is introducing another machine learning use case that brings an identifiable added value to an established company,” says Kinigadner. “We will continue to deliver solid AI technology implementations that deliver value and don’t just sound cool.”


TYROLIT introduced mobile iOS devices as working tools with an OCR solution integrated into their SAP Fiori application. An SAP-Apple partnership, that began in early 2017, has led to SAP Fiori compatibility with native iOS programming language. OCR technology integrated into SAP Fiori and applied on iOS devices is a stable combination and allows you to send collected data directly to the TYROLIT SAP system.

With OCR integrated in the mobile app, staff are able to easily scan lot numbers and automatically send the data to the central SAP system for further processing. The SAP response on whether the delivered goods were the expected ones is almost instant. This saves a lot of time. Further, the amount of redundant paperwork is reduced, the process is resolved quicker and mistakes are drastically reduced. It further eases official controls as the data is digitally stored.

“Anyline’s text recognition technology, through integration with SAP Fiori, helped us to make large improvements to our working processes. The process of collecting and sending information is fast, accurate and reliable for our workforce. There are less manual mistakes and as a result, less false deliveries. The solution brings large improvements to our supply chain processes and has become a cornerstone of our digital transformation strategy.”

– Eduard Kohler, Head of Business Application Management, IT Global, TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG

Anyline is a Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner, the world wide research institute famous for creating the hype cycle model to predict the maturity of emerging technologies, named Anyline as a Cool Vendor for supply chain execution in 2018.

“This is a huge success for us. Gartner are one of the best known research institutes in the tech industry. Their work on the “Magic Quadrant” and the “Hype Cycle” have helped to guide companies for years. Growing enterprises around the world rely on the analysis and reports they provide to choose only the best service providers. To be recognized by them is to receive the gold standard of approval within our field.”

– Anyline CEO, Lukas Kinigadner.

Anyline was recognized by Gartner because our technology supports the digitization of all kinds of data. By removing typing and manual data entry from everyday processes, you can save time, money and resources while also improving your data quality.

Download the Free Anyline OCR Scanner App

You can test Anyline’s mobile scanning technology for yourself with our demo App. The Anyline OCR Scanner is a free app available on the App Store and Google Play that will help you to assess your scanning use cases. It includes more than 10 scanning solutions, works offline and has a +99% scan accuracy!

Check it out now and discover the potential to streamline your processes and services with your smartphone!


Test Anyline Now with your Free SDK Trial

You can scan all kinds of text data with Anyline. Our customers have used it to improve customer onboardingincrease engagement and eliminate typing in their processes. The SDK includes dedicated solutions for our most common uses cases and you can even train it to recognize new text formats.

Download the SDK and begin your 30-day free trial now. The trial SDK lets you try all the following use cases:

Save Time Now with Mobile Scanning!

Mobile scanning helps you bridge the gap between your analog and digital data. You can optimize time-intensive processes and remove redundant tasks from the daily routine of your business in an instant.

Talk to the Anyline team today and find out how you can save time & money with mobile text recognition technology. Our scanning solutions are fully supported and ready for deployment in your app!

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