How to Easily Save Time with Shipping Container Scanning

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How to Easily Save Time with Shipping Container Scanning

Shipping containers are used to transport goods all around the world. They’re loaded and unloaded at major ports like Rotterdam, Singapore and everywhere in between. And even with the widespread use of shipping containers to deliver goods, they still end up in the wrong place sometimes. Fortunately, mobile shipping container scanning may be able to greatly reduce the chances of cargo ending up in the wrong port.

Mobile shipping container scanning is the perfect solution for managing cargo and shipping manifests. Mobile OCR technology like Anyline can make sure that container numbers are correctly recorded throughout your supply chain and cargo transport is correctly carried out. On top of that, it will save port managers time by reducing the amount of manual data entry that needs to be performed on a daily basis.

With improved cargo management and more time in your daily routine, your bound to find ways to optimize your processes and save money. Check out the benefits of mobile shipping container scanning and see if you need it in your port or on your cargo ship.

Get Instant and Accurate Cargo Information from Scanning

Anyline’s mobile scanning is used in a number of industries to improve supply chains and optimize processes. It’s been adopted across these industries because it offers the same benefits, no matter what your use case is.

And the main benefit of Anyline’s mobile scanning technology is the high level accuracy that it provides. In laboratory settings, the accuracy of Anyline was +99%. Best of all, these highly accurate scan results are delivered in an instant. This makes Anyline the perfect tool for shipping container scanning.

With the removal of human error from your processes, you should enjoy much more accurate processes. Human error affects all processes that depend on typing or other forms of manual data entry. No one is capable of perfectly typing at all times and there are various reasons for this.

Stress, fatigue and distraction can all play a part. And if a staff member is required to type a piece of data twice, then human error has twice as many opportunities to strike. This is quite typical when staff are required to record a code and then later enter it into a computer database. Digitizing paper manifests is a typical example of a process that can be disrupted by human error.

Instant and accurate scanning means an end to hours of tireless manual data entry. Instead of typing your daily records into your database, your mobile device will be able to upload all of your scan data to your backend in an instant. For these reasons alone, mobile scanning is one of the best investments you can make to stay productive and keep in touch with digital transformation.

Scan Cargo In All Locations

Shipping containers are constantly on the move. They get shifted around dockyards, on and off of ships and sometimes they hit the road. Wherever they go, you should have a tool that can follow. Thankfully, mobile shipping container scanning from Anyline works in all locations.

Our scanning technology processes all data on your device for the best edge computing experience. This also means you don’t need an active internet connection to scan shipping containers. This has massive benefits if your scanning while in transit or if the storage location of a container is out of wifi range.

You just point and scan, the same as always, and then upload your scan results once you have a secure connection. The offline scanning mode of Anyline also gives you added security as none of your data gets processed online. This makes Anyline perfect for processing even the most valuable cargo.

Your workforce’s ability to perform agile cargo management should make your shipping container processes more efficient and responsive. Anyline’s mobile scanning even works in low-light conditions thanks to our automatic torch activation feature. So you can scan containers in the dark, or underground or in the middle of the ocean. No matter what your location, Anyline is ready to scan.

Remove Dedicated Devices From Your Workflow

While you may already scan your shipping containers with a dedicated device, making the move to mobile devices has massive advantages for your workforce and business as a whole. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful at cheaper price points thanks to consumer demand.

One of the major benefits of mobile devices is their ability to quickly become multi-purpose devices. While we use the camera of a mobile device to provide scanning technology, other companies use microphones, bluetooth connectivity and NFC capabilities to bring added functionality to mobile devices. They can also be combined with device add-ons to provide even more functionality.

Dedicated devices have a much narrower range of features and are designed with a small number of use cases in mind. While they may outperform mobile devices in particular use cases now, mobile devices are quickly catching up. And once a dedicated device becomes redundant, the cost of retrofitting them for new use cases can be costly.

The other major drawback of dedicated devices is that they require specialist training. In contrast, your workforce will be familiar with mobile devices and even have experience teaching themselves to perform actions with them on their own. Mobile devices make workforce training simpler to understand and cheaper to carry out.

Mobile devices also have advantages from an operational perspective. Dedicated devices need to be stored and charged on a schedule. This means you need dedicated charging stations so they can be charged properly and be ready for use. Mobile devices are usually much smaller and can be charged with a USB cable from almost any power outlet. This makes mobile devices easier to maintain on a day-to-day basis.


TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG is an Austrian family business and member of the Swarovski Group. Since 1919, they have manufactured grinding, cutting, drilling, and dressing tools, as well as machines for the construction industry. Their incoming freight is large in size and it’s classified by complex serial numbers. This makes the manual registration of incoming goods difficult for both the delivering and receiving parties.


TYROLIT has adopted the machine learning and optical character recognition technology of Anyline on the mobile devices of their workforce. This has removed the problems encountered during the complex and mistake-laden identification processes of receiving goods. This is the first case of integrating Anyline’s OCR into an SAP system combined with mobile iOS devices.

The Tirol-based manufacturing producer TYROLIT made a yearly profit of 670 million euro in 2017, making them a world-leader in the tool manufacturing industry. They receive goods from around the world and had managed them through manual data entry in their SAP system. This complex and mistake-laden process has now been simplified by Anyline, and brought up to Industry 4.0 standards.


TYROLIT introduced mobile iOS devices as working tools with an OCR solution integrated into their SAP Fiori application. An SAP-Apple partnership, that began in early 2017, has led to SAP Fiori compatibility with native iOS programming language. OCR technology integrated into SAP Fiori and applied on iOS devices is a stable combination and allows you to send collected data directly to the TYROLIT SAP system.

With OCR integrated in the mobile app, staff are able to easily scan lot numbers and automatically send the data to the central SAP system for further processing. The SAP response on whether the delivered goods were the expected ones is almost instant. This saves a lot of time. Further, the amount of redundant paperwork is reduced, the process is resolved quicker and mistakes are drastically reduced. It further eases official controls as the data is digitally stored.

“Anyline’s text recognition technology, through integration with SAP Fiori, helped us to make large improvements to our working processes. The process of collecting and sending information is fast, accurate and reliable for our workforce. There are less manual mistakes and as a result, less false deliveries. The solution brings large improvements to our supply chain processes and has become a cornerstone of our digital transformation strategy.”

– Eduard Kohler, Head of Business Application Management, IT Global, TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG

Add Shipping Container Scanning to your Processes!

Anyline was named as a Gartner Cool Vendor for supply chain execution in 2018. Our mobile OCR technology is the perfect tool for all kinds of text recognition use cases.

Create your own mobile shipping container scanning app with Anyline. We’ve developed a module within our SDK for this exact purpose. This makes it simple for your development team to integrate it with your existing app or build a new app around it.

Get in touch now and discover the power of mobile scanning for yourself. You can even get started with a free trial of our SDK. Just click the button below and chat to a member of our team to get started!

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