Using a Mobile Barcode Scanner App for Inventory Management is the New Standard


To make it very simple, it’s time to move away from single-use devices and towards a more affordable and intuitive solution. Mobile barcode scanners provide enterprise-level scanning capacity to native apps and sites, and they do this without the use of any single-use devices.

Mobile technology continues to advance at an exponential rate across all major industries. As it does, it’s becoming more evident than ever that mobile phones and devices can handle virtually any need a single-use device can, and more often than not, they can do much more. That’s because they offer direct integration into current inventory management systems, giving workers and operators all the data and decision-making power they need, directly at their fingertips.

Consider this key application.

The benefits of full functionality without any of the drawbacks

At the heart of advancing technology is improvement without drawbacks or limitations. Mobile tech has been expanding at such an incredible rate in recent years, making previously used solutions no longer the “right” investment. Mobile devices, as we know, have an immense amount of computing power. They can be effectively used for some of the most complex tasks in business operations, including inventory management and complex logistical tasks.

Why is that? For one, they offer better cameras as well as a larger, more user-friendly, and intuitive screen. That helps to improve functionality immediately by giving workers a fully customizable solution based on the needs of the work itself. These devices can tackle big tasks without a large number of complicated steps, elevating operational efficiency levels immediately.

Additionally, it is one less investment that an operator needs to concern about, as many workers will already be equipped with their own smartphone. Even outfitting a workforce with new smartphones is less expensive than the traditional single-use devices, not to mention the lack of any steep onboarding learning curve!

The perfect all-in-one scanning solution

Another key reason for the move away from single-use devices is the value that comes from having an all-in-one solution. “Single-use” itself implies the limitations that these devices have. Remember when all you could do with a phone was make a phone call?

When it comes to managing complex inventory processes, it’s common for workers to have numerous devices at hand, moving from one to the next based on the task they are completing at that moment. Each one provides a service, but there’s little to no connectivity between the devices, not to mention the time loss going from device to device and the need to be trained for operations with each one.

A better solution is a device that can do it all. That includes everything from

When there are multiple devices tackling these tasks, it becomes difficult and limits the capacity of the operations immensely. Simply put, it complicates the process. On the other hand, using an all-in-one mobile solution instead ensures that it is possible to pack dozens of enterprise scanning solutions into just one application. The entire process is efficient, easier to manage, and effortless for workers.

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Onboarding? What Onboarding!

Have you ever had to manage the onboarding process when there are multiple single-use devices at hand? This is probably the most underestimated resource. The onboarding process becomes far easier when you move away from this. New employees often fall behind and limit operations because they have so many devices to learn and manage. Each one typically operates in a different way and knowing which one to use at any given time isn’t easy either.

With a simple to use mobile device, inventory management workers are far more empowered. They are able to learn what they need to faster, getting up to speed and jumping right into the process sooner. The Anyline scanner can integrate into any existing system, application, or webpage effortlessly. This leads to error-proof data capture and instantly recognizable results that plug directly into a current data management system.

Businesses not engaging in mobile devices and who are using single-use devices for inventory management are likely losing money and frustrating employees. Further to that, as the industry makes significant steps forward, these companies knowingly risk being left behind. Do you want a better solution? Allow our team to offer one.

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