Project Description

Gibraltar Police to Adopt Mobile Policing Solutions

Anyline is partnering with Bland Group to provide mobile scanning solutions for the Royal Gibraltar Police, the Borders and Coastguard Agency and Her Majesty’s Customs.

Using these new digital tools, Gibraltar’s law enforcement agencies will be able to inspect passports, driving licenses and vehicle license plates instantly and accurately using their smartphones. These digital tools are now being tested, and could potentially be rolled out across the peninsula in 2020.

Greater Mobility for Officers on Patrol

Currently, officials inspect personal identification documents and vehicle registrations at the country’s border using fixed terminals. However, with the introduction of mobile scanning technology, it will be possible for officers to perform ad-hoc inspections while on patrol, as well as at smaller points of entry, such as the port and marinas. 

“This project brings together homegrown and international innovation to make Gibraltar a safer place to live. Partnering with Anyline has enabled us to transform our system from the desktop to mobile, a game-changer for the law enforcement agencies of Gibraltar.”

Nicholas Gaggero, CEO, Bland Group

The Trusted Mobile Policing Solution

Mobile policing solutions give officers greater flexibility and improve situational awareness on duty by enabling them to collect the vital information they require at the click of a button. Fully GDPR compliant and secure, Anyline already provides this technology to police forces across Europe, and is used by over 100,000 officers every day on patrol. 

““At this time, police and border security face unprecedented challenges, and need access to technology which makes their work faster, smarter and safer. We are delighted to be working with Bland Group to provide these solutions to officials in Gibraltar."

Lukas Kinigadner, Anyline CEO

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