3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Solution Integrators

By Eric Matheson, Sales Manager at Anyline.

Digitization is becoming ubiquitous in almost every aspect of our lives, making the world we live in a much more efficient place. Every day, more people are using mobile technology to assist with simple tasks, while enterprise businesses are dramatically streamlining their traditional processes through automation.

But one challenge that holds businesses back is how to integrate new digital tools into existing systems.  If this is your problem too, here are three reasons why you should consider using a mobile integrator for your digitization project.

Seamless Integration

Even in highly sophisticated industries – from logistics to utilities and even the automotive sector – many companies still rely on the pen and paper for data gathering processes. The main reason for keeping the status quo is the difficulty of connecting new solutions into existing systems.

That’s where a professional integration team can come into play. At Anyline we work with a selection of key partners who can integrate our SDK seamlessly. Whether you need to help with integration on a website, an SAP app, or a specific device, the right integration partner can make this a breeze.

A Custom Solution that Fits Your Needs

Life is always easier when you can use an ‘off-the-shelf’  digital solution, but sometimes a little more finesse is required. If you need to tailor your tools to a specific set of criteria, or are working with an existing backend system, mobile solutions integrators can make all the difference.

At Anyline, we have a long track record of developing custom OCR scanning solutions to meet our user needs. To name only a few solutions in use, our client base has integrated Anyline scanning for use in inventory management, meter reading for utilities and refineries, automated billing, fleet management, and even police work. And for each project, we have worked closely with integration specialists to deliver the best performance for end-users.

Speed and Quality of Service

The nightmare of every CIO wanting to digitize a process in their system is to end up with a solution that is slower and more complicated than doing it the analog way.

This is why we have developed our SDK with the simplicity of integration as a guiding principle. We often find that integrators can get our SDK up and running within a matter of hours, and with the guidance of our technical support team, our clients report a level of service and ease-of-use that they never would have expected on starting their project.

Watch our webinar on how to elevate your mobile & web applications and improve customer value with mobile solutions integrators.

Watch our Mobile Integrator Webinar

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