4 Reasons Mobile Passport & ID Scanning Improves Business


Using Mobile Scanning to Speed Up Your Processes

Scanning a passport or ID with a mobile device is up to 20 times faster than entering the same data manually. From retail and banking to air travel and hospitality,  mobile data capture technology offers businesses the opportunity to work faster and smarter.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on special hardware like Point Of Sale terminals to scan passports and IDs, but by switching to mobile passport & ID scanning, they can skip unnecessary paperwork traditionally filled out by hand.

With this improved process, the user simply scans the customer’s passport. An instant and significant improvement to the speed of payment processes.

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Passport & ID Scanning with Any Mobile Device

Specialized devices for scanning the machine-readable zone (MRZ) on passports or ID cards are expensive to buy and maintain. By using a mobile solution for MRZ scanning, you don’t have to buy any of those devices. All you need is a smartphone and either an own mobile app or website and you are good to go.

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Key Benefits of Mobile Passport & ID Scanning

  • Up to 20 times faster than manual data entry
  • No need for expensive MRZ scanning devices
  • Works offline as well & no data leaves the device
  • Significant reduction of drop-off rates

Enhance Business Agility with Mobile Scanning

Anyline mobile scanning technology offers perfect accuracy for passport & ID scanning, especially for documents with an MRZ (machine readable zone). Our mobile scanning technology has been developed to work even under poor lighting conditions and bad weather.

Most importantly, Anyline mobile scanning solutions work even without any active data connection or wifi at all, thanks to its offline functionality.

Your workforce can scan passports, ID cards & other official verification documents wherever they are and can upload the data to your backend systems as soon as they regain any kind of data connection.

Reduce Onboarding Abandonment  Rates

Do you use a mobile B2C app or webpage for your onboarding process in which users have to type in their data manually? By adding mobile passport scanning & ID scanning to your app, your customers will be onboarded much faster, which enhances customer experience significantly.

This will lead to a reduction in onboarding abandonment rates, winning your company more active users. And as your workforce doesn’t need to verify data manually anymore, you save precious time and resources for your business as well.

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