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Police and law enforcement transcription made easy with OCR and Mobile Data Capture

Ask just about anyone who is a television crime series fan, and they will tell you that they know exactly what it’s like to process a crime scene or nab the “bad guy.” One day police officers are hot on the case, solving high profile crimes, and the next they are racing their cars recklessly through the city streets.

The truth is though, police work isn’t quite so glamorous. It involves a lot of paperwork which is the real key to building cases that prosecutors can win in court. It is essential to enforce the law and keep order in the community. And collecting data in real life isn’t an easy task. A little help with police and law enforcement transcriptions would be appreciated.

2. What happens if mistakes are made?

Police officers are no different to anyone else when it comes to making mistakes, yet they are held to a higher (and often unrealistic) standard. It is especially unrealistic when they do not have the proper tools or adequate tools to collect vital information.

Data is pivotal to any criminal case from a simple traffic stop to a bank robbery or murder. If evidence is based on incorrect data, due to transposition or transcription errors, or any other error that could occur when collecting information on the scene, the case could be completely dismissed.

4. How can OCR solutions be integrated?

The integration of Anyline’s OCR solutions is simple and doesn’t require any special equipment. It works with most smartphones with Android, UWP, or iOS. The scanning is completed using standard mobile devices that officers often already have and know how to use and do not add any great expense.

Are you ready to see Anyline in action for yourself? The Anyline software development kit (SDK) integrates easily and has the backing of hands-on support manned by experienced, knowledgeable customer service teams that are ready to assist you. Common integration frameworks like  Cordova, React Native, and Xamarin are also supported. Installation is easy with very little time investment.

Test Anyline’s OCR for yourself by checking out our demo app. Or sign up for a 30 day free trial for our SDK. Our officers work hard to keep our communities safe. Let’s make their job just a little bit easier.

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