Accurate & Fast Tire Inspections with Anyline TIN Scanning


Anyline has launched a groundbreaking new mobile scanning technology for the automotive industry, with the potential to save lives on the road by removing dangerous and defective tires from circulation: Tire Identification Number (TIN) scanning allows Anyline users to instantly capture all the information about their vehicle’s tires directly on their mobile device by scanning the tire DOT number.

Instant Tire Identification with Mobile Scanning

Mobile Tire Scanning radically simplifies tire inspection, as well as improving the quality of tire information collection by removing manual data entry from tire inspection processes. Most significantly, a TIN Scanner lets you identify tires that are due for replacement automatically, or which have been recalled due to defects in the manufacturing process.

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“Developing this use case presented a unique challenge to our team; how can we teach our system to read black text on a black surface? By training our neural network with thousands of images, we have developed a scanner that will work in different lighting and weather conditions to emulate the real-life scenarios where tires will be scanned.”

Better Identification Means Safer Tires

There are dozens of situations where people need to identify and record tire identification numbers, from police stops to mechanical repairs, auto parts verification and warehouse inventories, to name a few. However, manual data entry remains the standard collection method. This tedious and time-consuming work is a high-risk area for human-error, leading to misidentification, and poor quality data.

With Anyline tire DOT scanning, users can save time and avoid errors by simply collecting and digitizing the necessary information with their mobile devices.

“By implementing tire identification number scanning, companies can ensure their customers are driving on tires that are safe and fit for the road. Today, consumers expect greater transparency regarding how their products are produced. DOT number scanning offers an opportunity for drivers to understand the full life-cycle of their tires, from production and usage, through to disposal or recycling.”

Anyline’s tire scanning solution reads tire identification numbers beginning with DOT, in compliance with CFR standard, and more.

Additionally, you can combine our mobile data capture for tire scans with our scanner for vehicle identification numbers. Link tire scans to individual vehicles with a versatile and robust VIN scanner to enhance workflows and business efficiency.

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