Comerso Barcode Scanning App

Comerso Partners with Anyline to Launch Zero-Waste Barcode Scanning App

Did you know that one-third of all food produced in the world does not end up on a plate? That means one-third of the global food production chain, from farming to factories, logistics to refrigeration – unnecessarily generates greenhouse gases (GHG) every day. According to the NGO Drawdown, this means food waste is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

The goal of Comerso is to harness digital technologies to bring this number down. Acting as the “middle solution” between retailers and various charities, services, and food waste management organizations, Comerso empowers businesses to transition to a zero-waste model, which unlocks new value from unsold goods and waste to other stakeholders. 

Moving forward, Anyline and Comerso will continue to expand their collaboration. In the near future, the firms plan to release a further innovation that will allow retailers to scan the expiry dates of products on shelves so ensure out-of-date produce is removed and redistributed.