How VERBUND Simplified the Onboarding Process for New Utility Customers.

VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company, with a workforce of over 3,000 employees. The company is well-renowned for clean electricity
solutions and energy-efficient innovations, and is also one of the largest producers of hydropower electricity in Europe.

As an industry-leading innovator, VERBUND is constantly looking for new ways to further develop and enhance its digital processes across its operations, while offering customers an unparalleled user experience.

Contactless Onboarding Process

VERBUND's Vision

VERBUND is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce barriers for new customers who are looking to switch utility service providers. One of the main and most impactful barriers is the lengthy and complex identification number on the actual power meters.

These 33 digit long numbers are very uncomfortable to type and as one would imagine, are a common source for failure and human error. And while this number is very complex to record manually, it is a vital piece of data for a smooth, fast, and cost-effective service provider switch.

Due to the complexity of this task and the barrier is created for a smooth customer process, VERBUND wanted to digitize the entire process via their mobile application. Additionally, they wanted to integrate a mobile data capture solution to automate the recording of this long 33-character number.

Free Energy and Water Application

The Anyline Solution

The utility industry is evolving at an exponential rate. Carrying out digital transformation projects offers significant opportunities to those taking proactive steps forward towards innovation. In order to meet increasing demands from the customers, operators need to be able to provide faster and easier online processes to help manage their consumption.

By offering Anyline mobile scanning to customers, VERBUND has been able to optimize the digitization of its processes and is leading the way to the digital transformation of the utility industry. Customers can simply scan their own utility meter number directly with their smartphones via the VERBUND website, automatically uploading the correct meter number to the checkout process, which rapidly enhances and expedites the onboarding process.

“The traditional process for reading utility meters is quite complex and we wanted to provide a more seamless solution for our customers. The main goal was to simplify filling out the online form for commodity products especially the long number “Zählpunktbezeichung” with its 33 digits.”