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Check-in at Hotels

You can make hotel check-in easier than ever before with Anyline. Scan guest IDs and passports and remove the need for form fills and manual data entry. These traditional processes can take up to 20x longer to collect the same amount of data as Anyline.

Hotel self-service check-in

Make hotel check-in as simple as possible with Anyline. Your guests can scan their ID or passport for self-service check-in in no time. This novel approach is sure to improve guest experience and save costs by reducing waiting and processing times upon first arrival.

Tax-Free Shopping

Anyline removes the paperwork from tax-free shopping, making this luxury experience even more enjoyable. You can use Anyline to perform secure scans of passports at your airport store or POS in an instant. This allows customers to concentrate on shopping and saves you time.

Success Stories

Global Blue Mobile B2B Solution – IC2 Mobile

IC2 Mobile is part of the new in-store Tax Free solution from Global Blue. It was developed to allow retailers to capture Globe Shoppers’ passport and credit card details using the smart phone or tablet camera. The advantage for merchants all over the globe is to save time at the till, avoid mistakes and tedious handwriting, as well as save resources.

Clizzz MRZ Travel Documents

Clizzz wanted to enable customers to complete their own self check-in at their hotels. They integrated Anyline and let customers scan their passports to verify check-ins, removing the need for the photocopying of such documents at hotel receptions.