How to Add Passport & ID Scanning to Your Website

Integrate passport & ID scanning to your website. Provide secure ID verification by deploying NFC chip reading.

Effortless Passport & ID Scanning on Your Website

We have now launched passport and ID scanning to Anyline for Websites. This enables our users to integrate our digital identity solutions directly into web pages, so customers can complete registrations and onboarding without the need for an app. To test it out, get in touch and try our SDK today!


In dozens of industries, from travel and tourism to tax-free shopping, and the banking sector, companies need to quickly onboard their customers by registering their ID information. To simplify the process, many choose to create apps so that their users instantly scan and send their ID information to register.

But making an app can be time-consuming and expensive, and many customers don’t want to clutter their phones with ‘one use’ apps. Now, businesses can cut out the middle-man, and let their customers register themselves directly on their website. 

Rather than having to wait for an app to download, users will simply open the scan function on the company website, and scan the MRZ of their ID document from their computer webcam or phone camera!  The result? A fast, effortless onboarding experience with mobile ID scanning.

Following the latest iOS launch, we can now offer a 2-step ID verification process on both Apple and Android devices! By combining our market-leading MRZ scanning with NFC Chip reading, Anyline users can now enjoy the most secure mobile ID scanning solution on the market.

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