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4 reasons why OCR is the key answer for Efficient flight booking apps

Modern travellers need modern ways to manage their flight bookings. In 2017 the IATA expects 3.9 billion passenger segments to fly (see IATA Fact Sheet, Industry Statistics). All those passengers have one thing in common: they don’t want to waste time during their booking process, no matter if they do it for business or leisure.

As a frequent flyer, I still haven’t encountered any booking platform that offers a simple solution when it comes to fill out endless personal data forms.

I therefore pledge for the integration of an advanced and reliable OCR technology such as Anyline! Get inspired by this article and take steps to make your flight booking app more appealing, easier to use, and more customer friendly!

This article will give you 4 reasons why flight booking apps with an OCR feature can make the difference in terms of efficiency when booking a flight. If you need a refreshment on the basics and benefits of Optical Character Recognition, check out this article.

giphy plane OCR and flight booking apps

1 – Save time

The basic tool everybody needs to take off the ground is a passport. As everybody knows, typing in all the information contained in a passport is time consuming, subject to mistakes, and sometimes even stress-related.

Each passport, however, owes a MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) that consists of a code that reports all needed information. OCR technology can read the MRZ and automatically fill out a form in no time. This process  is about 20 times faster than manual data entry!


Bottom line: time is precious. A flight booking app with an integrated OCR feature helps customers to quickly fil-out all passport information and complete the entire booking process by saving a LOT of time.

2 – High security standards

Advanced OCR technology with high quality standards can save & properly store the image of each scanned passport. This means that, if needed, information can be double checked!

Also, advanced OCR technology makes sure that data transmission is highly secure; no data leak keeping privacy real!!

Bottom line: Integrating highly advanced OCR technology in flight booking apps will ensure top security standards for both apps’ provider and customers.

3 – High level of accuracy

No more typing mistakes: the automatic fill-out function makes sure that there is no need to manually type a single letter and permits a stress-free check of all the information by the customer. Advanced OCR technology keeps accuracy standards very high. This will ease the booking process allowing the customer to quickly proceed to the actual payment step.

Bottom line: OCR scanning offers strong accuracy by removing all chances for typing errors.

4 – Happy customers = higher fidelity

Providing the customers with a functional and efficient booking system saves the customers time and nerves. It will make them happy, relaxed and more likely to return to the same flight booking app!


As the Google Product Marketing Manager states: today apps are a powerful way for brands to build deeper relationships with their customers. Engaging customers with great new features that ease their life is a key to engagement and reengagement.

Bottom line: why not to integrate OCR technology?!


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