How Clizzz Achieved Contactless Hotel Registration with Mobile Scanning

3 Ways the Hospitality Industry Can Save Jobs & Survive the Coronavirus

The toll of Covid-19 on travel continues to be unprecedented, but there is a contactless solution for hospitality that will save the industry.

The toll of the coronavirus on tourism and hospitality continues to be unprecedented, with millions affected, and even entire economies weakened by the restrictions on travel. But as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is a way for both industries to bounce back stronger than ever. How? By making travel processes as streamlined as possible, and putting the focus back on the guest experience.

Hotels Should Offer a Seamless & Contactless Service

Speaking to industry insiders from businesses like Pyramid Hotel Group, the consensus is that post-COVID-19, travelers will place greater importance on simplicity and security.

One way hotels can make this happen is to integrate passport and ID scanning into their websites and apps so customers can complete bookings in seconds. And for travelers who would rather not visit the front-desk – this can also allow them contactless check-in directly from their smartphone!

Stand Out from the Crowd of Hospitality Brands

Customer loyalty has always been a cornerstone of the tourism industry, and it will become even more important when people start traveling again.

Soon, every hotel and destination will be fighting for customer attention – but brands that can rebuild trust and strengthen their customer engagement will have the advantage.

Crisis creates opportunities for those who act and in a bid to stand above the crowd. Right now, creative and quick-acting solutions will be rewarded.

One ‘out of the box’ innovation being used by worldwide brands is the integration of vouchers and promo codes into their digital loyalty campaigns. By giving their customers the power to redeem discounts instantly with their own smartphones, they reward loyalty, while getting key insights into customer preferences and profiles.

Easily integrated into existing apps and websites, we see huge potential for these campaigns in tourism and hospitality, as they provide a  ‘quick win’ for everyone while encouraging prospective guests to take the first step and start traveling again.

Prove Your Resort is Going the Extra Mile for Customer Safety

While things will slowly return to normal, it’s safe to say things will never be the same. This will be especially true, to begin with, as many travelers will want to know every safety aspect of your service moving forward.

The industry should meet this new demand head-on, and go above and beyond to ensure guests are reassured you are making every effort to guarantee their well-being.

Companies like Beaconstac are enabling businesses to do this already, offering a free QR powered contactless visitor form for restaurants, clinics, apartments, and more. Using their service, guests no longer need to use paper visitor forms or tablet devices, removing the risk of contamination.

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