How to capture data from driving licenses with just a cell phone

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Project Description

How to capture data from driving licenses with just a cell phone

Police officers need to be on their game – and on the go – day in and day out. Along the way, they are gathering data; from names, locations and incidents, to collecting evidence at crime scenes. Officers need the tools to remain agile, mobile and aware at all times, but too often they are being held back by time-consuming and tedious tasks.

Cell phone scanning is the solution to the time and labour intensive processes that police encounter on a daily basis. Anyline PDF417 scanning for US driver’s licenses is fast, simple and secure, saving officers time and energy to perform their vital work.

Anyline – the mobile policing tool.

Anyline is your proven partner for mobile law enforcement.

Police around Europe are already using our tools every day to scan IDs and license plates from their cell phones. Anyline lets you input data up to 20 times faster than writing or typing. The results are more accurate reporting of license plate and ID details, real time feedback, and less time spent on manual data entry and radio communication.

Want to see it in action? Read about why all police officers in Austria takes Anyline to work every day.

Saving time and avoiding mistakes

Processing ID’s manually is not just mundane and time consuming, it’s a hotbed for human error. There are many causes of typing mistakes such as stress, fatigue and distraction. And police officers have more exposure to these factors than most people.

It only takes one typing mistake for ID data to be corrupted. But in laboratory settings, Anyline scan accuracy is over 99%. This is a huge improvement on the data collection accuracy of people. What’s more, our scanning tools are tailored to work in demanding environments, and can collect data in any location and in all conditions.

Any place, any time, even offline.

With just their cell phones, officers can perform scans at all roadside locations.  They can then connect directly to their police database to get live information during traffic stops or routine checks. With our offline functionality,  it will even work in underground parking lots or any other location with weak or zero signal. When connection is reestablished, officers can safely upload their scan data.

Secure data gathering – and no cloud transfers.

Police officers know that not all data is created equal. When it comes to recording and storing information, from ID checks to evidence collection, security is paramount.

That’s why when you scan with Anyline, no data is sent to the cloud where it can be intercepted or corrupted. This makes Anyline one of the most secure solutions available for collecting driving license details. Anyline scans are immediately digitally secured and documented on the cell phone, allowing the officer to upload it to a server or backend where it can be safely stored.

How do I get started?

With Anyline, there is no need for expensive new hardware. Our scanning technology works on all smartphones, and can be easily integrated into existing apps.  

You can test it for yourself by downloading our free showcase app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Try it today and discover the potential to streamline your processes and services with your cell phone!

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