How Mobile ID Scanning Makes Travel Check-in Easy

Did you know that the number of passengers checking in at the airline agent desk has dropped by over half since 2018? Today, travelers are 3 times more likely to check-in online using their mobile devices. Yet many airlines do not yet offer mobile ID scanning as part of their check-in process, leading to mistakes and delays.

By easily integrating mobile data capture into your customer-facing app or website, not only will passengers be able to complete check-in faster, but it will also be a far better customer experience and provide you with the opportunity for stronger brand loyalty.

Here’s how it works:


A Vital Tool for Rebooting International Travel

2020 was a year to forget for the airline and travel industries. Global air travel fell by a staggering 61%, representing a $118.5 billion USD net profit loss. But industry leaders are betting big on a travel resurgence. For example, American Airlines plans to fly 90% of its 2019 domestic flight capacity, and 80% of international flights.

Embracing the tools that allow for enhanced service levels will give passengers one more reason to use your services in a market littered with competition, a key differentiator for your loyalty program. More importantly, embracing these new technologies and innovations will future-proof your property and establish a new benchmark for passenger satisfaction.

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