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Digitization of Police Work with Mobile Policing – White Paper

Anyline’s mobile policing white paper is an introductory guide to equipping police officers with mobile devices. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the digital transformation of police work, and how your force can integrate mobile data capture to optimize everyday police tasks.

Mobile policing is a growing trend among the top-rated police departments around the world. As technology advances, online and digital crime is becoming more prevalent. As a result, police officers need to adapt to new threats and adopt new methods of policing.

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Digital Transformation of Policing with Mobile Scanning Technology

The white paper consists of 4 sections to give you a clear overview of mobile policing and why it’s beneficial to police officers in the field. It will give you an understanding of the digital transformation in police departments, how to roll-out devices to police units, the different technologies that are available, and some real-life case studies.

The Gold Standard for Mobile Policing Solutions

Anyline is the mobile policing partner of choice for forces across Europe and around the world. For more detailed information on how other police forces use our technology, read these reference stories:

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