Anyline & OMV at the International SAP Conference for Oil & Gas 2019


We were in Milan this week for the International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas. Our goal?  To join the discussion on how industry leaders can best harness SAP’s solutions to transform their businesses, and to showcase how Anyline can accelerate downstream operations with mobile scanning solutions!

It was a packed two days of keynotes and workshops, but for us, the headline act was our COO Andreas Greilhuber taking center stage with Reinhard Sieberer, the AG of OMV, to present our successful collaboration. Our team was also on the ground talking to industry leaders about how our meter readings solutions can digitize their refineries without the need for an infrastructural overhaul.

Andreas & Reinhard Talk #DigitalTranformation

Presenting to a packed out room of over 100 people, we brought a home-grown success story to a global audience. OMV is the biggest oil and gas company in Austria, headquartered just down the road from our own office in Vienna. Together, Andreas and Reinhard showed how Anyline’s meter reading solutions gave OMV the capabilities to digitize their legacy meters, helping them to optimize their refinery management.

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Implementing Smart Technology for Mobile Reading

Andreas was joined on the conference floor over the two days by CMO and Co-Founder Jakob Hofer, Utilities Expert Bernhard Reiterer and Product Manager Alexandra Cota. The team engaged with experts from South Africa to the Seychelles, and found that the main challenge faced by many is the herculean task of implementing smart reading into their operations. For some, it can feel like rebuilding their business from the ground-up!

Luckily, this is exactly where Anyline can help. Rather than writing down or typing serial numbers and meter values during the changeover to smart meters, Anyline scans all the utility data and visual information in an instant, saving significant time and resources.

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Reflections, Moving Forward

With this event, we were able to put ourselves firmly on the map as one of the most exciting AI innovations on offer in the oil and gas sector. We’d like to thank Reinhard Sieberer and the team at OMV for their excellent collaboration, and we are looking forward to continuing the many conversations we started in Milan over the next few weeks and months!


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