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By Sylvia Grascher, HR Manager at Anyline

We set our ambitions pretty high here at Anyline. From our latest updates and features to our marketing campaigns, we’re working to be bigger, bolder, and better all the time. And it shows! Our huge growth over the last year – doubling our headcount and tripling revenue – give you an idea of our current trajectory.

But that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot to learn. To keep building momentum, any healthy company should seek out the best thought leadership to guide its talent. That’s why we are inspiring our team to become the innovators of tomorrow, with guidance from the greatest minds of today.

Over the last year, we’ve been lucky enough to have some of our personal heroes to speak with us at Anyline HQ – here are some of the insights they have shared with us!

Prof. Sepp Hochreiter, Pioneer of Machine Learning

Prof. Sepp Hochreiter is regarded as one of the fathers of machine learning. Based in Linz, Hochreiter leads both the Institute for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Johannes Kepler University. As you can imagine, his work has had a huge influence on Anyline; we certainly wouldn’t be here today without his pioneering research!

But as we learned in his keynote, bringing about great innovation isn’t simply about having the best ideas. It takes perseverance and determination to overcome the many obstacles which inevitably appear. Hochreiter knows this from personal experience. Although he is today known around the world as the inventor of long short-term memory (LSTM) his papers were rejected for years by academic journals!

It’s an important lesson to keep in mind as we look to the future. Great ideas don’t speak for themselves – they need to be nurtured and supported over the long term in order to succeed.

AI Research Partnership of Anyline & JKU

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Patricia Neumann, Director-General of IBM Austria

Patricia Neumann has risen through the ranks over 25 years to become the Director-General of IBM Austria, where she is now leading Big Blue into the era of digital transformation. In a keynote and candid Q&A, Patricia shared her story with the Anyline team, driving home the importance of resilience and lifelong learning to achieving great things within any company.

One topic which was particularly close to Patricia’s heart – and shared by the Anyline team – is the promotion of our industry as an attractive career choice for young women, and the encouragement of greater diversity within the tech workforce.

There were so many takeaways from this session, from when to take strategic risks to balance work and life commitments. For me, more than anything, I think Patricia gave us great food for thought about how we will tackle the years ahead, and how we can support each other as a team through thick and thin.

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Alexander Pointer, Former Head Coach of Austria Ski Jumping Team

We love our winter sports in Austria, and in the world of ski jumping, there are few greater than Alexander Pointner! As the most successful ski jump coach of all time, Alexander is a national treasure here and is proof that great leadership is one of the keys to success in every sector, from business to tech and sports.

Drawing on his years of experience working at the top of elite sports, Alexander spoke to the team about how to perform at the highest level and what it means to embrace change in search of better results. Talks like this can be a great way to gain actionable insights from experts in their field. At the very least, it’s a great way to meet one of Austria’s sporting heroes.

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