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A Sustainable Solution for Utility Management


Managing properties & facilities is a complicated matter. One of the main challenges is the efficient & sustainable management of energy & other utilities. Buildings are the greatest consumer of energy and other utilities such as water and gas. Following up on this, the US National Association of Realtors® states:

“Sustainability has moved beyond a gimmick and become part of corporate governance, management and reporting systems, supply chains, and the basic functioning of many companies – increasing the value of sustainable property investment. How must real estate businesses adapt to keep up?” (see the article).

This article will cover the challenges and possibilities for Real Estate Management with the high-end technology of Optical Character Recognition.

How to keep up with the increasing demand for more sustainability?

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The answer is simple: Gain control over consumption!

Understanding the buildings’ energy, carbon, water, and gas inventory is essential to reducing usage and costs. It is also important for reducing the consumption footprint and preparing for compliance with future regulations or with certification labels for green building infrastructure (such as LEED, ISO 14001, or EMAS).

No matter if your organization is dealing with big or small properties and facilities: there are simple solutions to control consumption rates and improve sustainability. One of them is called smart meters. However, this solution is not the cheapest and it will take time and a lot of resources to implement smart meters all over.

The solution I am advocating for is called OCR – Optical Character Recognition.

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  • Imagine a system that allows you to receive reliable information on meter reading levels from all your real estates, enabling data-based analyses, planning, and diagnostics.
  • Imagine the incoming digital data is backed-up by stored images that leave no doubt once you need to double-check some results.
  • Imagine satisfied staff and/or tenants as their data collection is designed to be interactive and provides them with an overview on consumption levels.

Now stop imagining since such a system exists and is more real and more easy to implement than you might think! ;)

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By integrating OCR technology in an app for consumption level control, you are able to easily scan meter readings by using simple & common tools such as a smartphone or a tablet.

The advantages of OCR & how it works



With OCR there is no need to copy the digits manually as there is no need for typing. OCR meter reading can be 20 times faster than manual data entry. The analog data is scanned and automatically transformed into digital information that is directly sent to a central database. This way your central office will be able to retrieve all data for controlling purposes.

Additionally, a scan image will be associated to the digital data. This allows to double-check the data whenever there are discrepancies or misunderstandings.


As meter readings are often placed in enclosed spaces, high quality OCR providers like Anyline make sure that their OCR scan function works offline too, without data loss. The data will automatically & safely be transmitted once the user’s device is online again.

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Integrating an OCR feature in your app is expected to decrease processing costs by 80%.


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Facing the challenge of managing utilities of real estates can be difficult, especially when the goal is to increase sustainability and reduce costs. Modern OCR technology offers a simple and realistic solution to this challenge. It helps in saving resources and supports quality management by delivering accurate and safe data.

It is easy to boost control over the utilities of your property: just integrate modern OCR technology.



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