The Freedom to Explore: Opportunities for Tech Developers

From our innovative SDK to our new Trainer, Anyline is the place to be for developers who want to spread their wings, says Hannes Duchkowitsch, Anyline Head of Development.

“From our innovative SDK to our new Trainer, Anyline is the place to be for developers who want to spread their wings,” says Hannes Duchkowitsch, Anyline Head of Development.

2019 has been a huge year for us at Anyline! We’ve enjoyed unprecedented growth, and gained world-renowned clients like PepsiCo.

On the development front, we have also launched some of our most innovative products yet, from Anyline for Websites and Anyline for Batch Processing, to our game-changing new project, the Anyline Trainer.

Our vision is to build on these successes over the next years and scale up significantly.

That’s why we are looking for the best and brightest to help us to make this vision a reality. So if you think that it could be you, who will support us in our venture, here are three things I can tell you about working at Anyline.

We are Agile and Push the Boundaries

To bring our projects to life, our developers have access to some of the most cutting-edge solutions on the market.

And as a younger, more agile company, our development team can push the boundaries even further than would ever be possible when working for larger companies with slower and more rigid processes.

We Challenge Ourselves to Learn New Things Every Day

Having the latest tools at our disposal means that we can be inventive and propose innovative new ideas, but we still need to have the know-how to make everything come together smoothly. That’s why we give our team the space to develop their skills in new areas, for example working with programming languages like Python, as well as using JavaScript and the React library.

And as the Anyline SDK works on iOS, Android, Windows and a multitude of different wrappers, we also offer prospective mobile developers the opportunity to grow and build apps across all different platforms.

We Let Our Ideas Take Flight

As Head of Development, it’s my challenge to balance two factors which seem diametrically opposite. On one hand, I need to ensure my team is aligned towards achieving our goal, and believes in it. Yet at the same time, I want to give each team member the freedom to explore, experiment, and do their own thing.

Without alignment, production stops. Without freedom, innovation stops.

In the name of business, you can imagine which side of the argument wins out within other companies.

What our work this year tells you about Anyline is that we are achieving both. By nurturing new talent, giving wings to our ideas, and integrating them into each new project, we are setting new standards for what is possible for mobile scanning and OCR technology

Anyline in 2020

Looking ahead, our ambitions are only growing. Without giving too much away, I see our future heading towards the implementation of the Blockchain, a huge expansion in web based scanning, and dozens of new use cases.

If you think you have what it takes to join one of the most dynamic tech companies in Europe, visit our careers page and find your place in our ever expanding team.

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