Anyline 27 Release - Taking a Victory Lap: Full US Driver's License Coverage

Taking a Victory Lap: Anyline Announces Full US Driver's License Coverage


It’s the end of the year, but the Anyline development team has been working tirelessly to bring you our last release of the year, Anyline 27. This latest update sees major improvements to our flagship ID and Barcode solutions, alongside a full overhaul of our Anyline demo app.

Mobile Driver's License Scanner - Scan US driver's license with Mobile Data Capture

Full Support for US Driver’s License on Universal ID Scanner

Over the past 3 release cycles, you might have noticed we have been on something of a ‘road trip’ across Europe, Australia and the US – collecting each and every ID on the way! Today, we can proudly confirm that the Anyline Universal ID scanner now recognizes any US driver’s license for all states, as well as Mexican Identity Cards.

Our list of supported IDs is growing exponentially, so if you want to keep up to date on which documents are currently supported, visit our dedicated blog, or our developer documentation page.

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A Major Redesign for the Demo App

As you might have noticed, we revamped our website back in October with a sleek new design. Next on the list for some TLC was our demo app, which has gotten a full design overhaul to match our new brand!

Finding the data capture solution you need is easier than ever with the newly focused demo app. To see what’s changed, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store to download or update your app!

Mobile Barcode Scanner - Anyline Mobile Barcode SDK for Barcode Scanning

Our Best-in-Class Barcode comes to iOS

Another highlight of our year has been relaunching a world-beating barcode scanner, which offers greater speed, precision and recognition capacity than we ever thought possible – even at distance and in low light.

With Anyline 27, our improved barcode scanner is now integrated for iOS, and can be tested out via our SDK or demo app. What’s more, both platforms now enable multi-barcode scanning for when there are many barcodes that need to be collected at once, while on SDK you can also use a ‘continuous scanning’ feature, to easily collect a string or barcodes.

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Multiple Result Choices For TIN Scanning

Our final major update of the release brings an extra level of choice to our Tire Identification Number Scanner / TIN scanner. When using TIN scanning on the SDK, users will now have the option to choose the correct reading from a selection of 3 results, to ensure the correct reading is taken every time. This feature further enhances the accuracy and reliability of your acquired data.

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