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Police Paperwork: How to Decrease the Burden with Mobile Data Capture

Police incident reports and other mandated police paperwork takes much-needed time and attention from actual policing. However, without accurate case files, successful prosecution is not possible, and multi-incident crimes go unsolved.

Manually documenting everything on a computer or hand-writing forms and reports eats time better put into critical tasks. And, it increases the chances of human error, which can destroy a case.

1. How much time do police officers spend doing paperwork?

According to one recent survey, officers in the US can spend around three hours or more per shift on paperwork. It is three hours that they aren’t patrolling neighborhoods or answering calls. The hours spent doing manual paperwork are shortchanging both citizens and police officers and negatively impact the law enforcement agency, community, and police officer’s personal life.

4. How do Police Forces use Mobile Data Capture Technologies in Practice?

Law enforcement agencies around the world are already reducing the burden of paperwork on their officers. Mobile data capture is put to work every day by officers in everything from routine traffic stops, to searches and evidence collection.

In Austria, officers use integrated scanners on their mobile devices to quickly scan IDs and vehicle license plates. Another example can be found in Gibraltar, where the same mobile scanning technology is used by the border patrol to check identification documents at the country’s land border as well as at marinas and sea ports.

5. Is Mobile Data Capture Safe for Use by Police?

Mobile scanning from Anyline is safe to use and trusted by governments and law enforcement agencies around the world. All data scanning is processed on the officer’s device – without any transfer to an external server. Because of this, all data remains secure in the hands of the officer, and can then be checked against the closed police system to check against internal databases in real time. If you are considering implementing mobile data capture into your police force mobile devices, ensure your vendor 1) allows for on-device, offline data scanning, 2) provides GDPR compliant technology and 3) is ISO 27001 certified.

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