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5 Registration Plate Scanning Facts You Need to Know

Mobile registration plate scanning is one of the most innovative solutions used in transportation processes today. This cutting edge technology makes full use of mobile OCR to improve your data quality and make your business more agile. In addition, it’s also easy for customers and employees to perform with their smartphones.

You can use it across a range of industries to eliminate typing mistakes from your processes. It’s also one of the fastest and most secure methods of gathering and uploading data to your backend. Whether you plan to scan registration plates for parking control purposes or for customer onboarding, you’re sure to find Anyline’s technology reliable, secure and accurate.

Learn more about registration plate scanning or jump straight in with a free trial of our SDK. You can even test our mobile text recognition technology with our demo app, available on Android and iOS.

1. Registration Plate Scanning is Fast

Anyline’s mobile text recognition technology can scan registration plates in an instant. We’ve tested it against the manual data entry of humans when recording utility meters, and found it to be 20 times faster than people at recording meter readings. Meter readings and registration plates contain a similar amount of data so you should enjoy the same benefits in your registration plate scanning processes.

You can use this speed advantage to your benefit in a number of ways. For police and parking officers, it means you can stay alert and safe while recording the registration plates of vehicles creating infringements.

Car rental companies can make use of instant registration plate scanning to offer customers the most innovative and streamlined onboarding process in their industry. You can let customers rent your vehicles from any location and all they have to do is scan and upload the license plate of their desired vehicle and their driving license.

Whatever your industry or use case, instant registration plate scanning means time savings and easy onboarding.

2. Registration Plate Scanning is Secure

One of the main concerns we hear is “Is it safe to scan and send sensitive data with mobile OCR?”. We agree that security is important when it comes to personal information. That’s why we’ve taken careful measures to ensure all data scanned with Anyline will remain secure.

Many mobile OCR providers depend on cloud computing to offer instant mobile OCR functionality. Sending scan information to the cloud is not a safe way to handle data. In this scenario, it’s possible that a third party can intercept your scan data before you even receive scan results on your device.

Anyline overcomes this by processing all scan data on your device. This is the most secure method of processing data before you upload it to your backend.

Once you’re happy with your scan data, you’ll probably want to send it to your backend. This is another trouble spot where your data can be at risk. You can overcome this by using a secure internet connection to upload your scan data safely with Anyline.

With these measures in place, your sensitive data will remain secure and uncompromised for the duration of your processes. This makes mobile OCR from Anyline a safe and secure solution for handling registration plate scanning and customer onboarding processes.

This means your customers can use your registration plate scanning app with confidence. You can also be assured that internal scan data won’t be compromised. Anyline is a safe and secure solution for handling registration plate scanning and customer onboarding processes.

3. Registration Plate Scanning is Accurate

No matter how well-trained, professional or precise a person normally is, processes involving typing or writing will always accrue inaccurate data. None of us are immune to fatigue, stress and the occasional typing error. Human error is one of the biggest factors that can affect the accuracy of data.

With Anyline, you no longer need to worry about these issues. Our technology doesn’t type or require human input. It also never gets tired or loses focus. We’ve seen this in laboratory tests where Anyline had a +99% scan accuracy. While we can’t promise this level of accuracy in real world settings, Anyline’s mobile text recognition technology is far more accurate than humans when it comes to processing registration plate data.

Improved data accuracy can benefit your company in a number of ways. The fact is, the pitfalls of poor data quality are too impactful for you to ignore.

One study suggests that poor data quality cost brands up to 6% of their revenue in 2015. In 2016, a different study claimed that bad data was costing the US economy €3 trillion. In addition, a 2017 study suggests that 84% of CEOs are doubtful of the data quality they receive and base decisions on.

With this in mind, you’re sure to see that the benefits of increased data accuracy can lead to more revenue, less wasted time and the opportunity to make even better decisions about your business needs.

4. Registration Plate Scanning is Simple to Perform

While the business benefits of mobile scanning are simple to explain, it might be even simpler to perform a registration plate scan with Anyline.

Once you integrate Anyline in your mobile app, performing a scan is easier than taking a photo. Once users reach the scanning screen of your app, Anyline guides them with a cut-out area. This outlines where the scan target should fit in their screen. It also guides them with haptic feedback which will warn them if their device is shaking or if they need more light.

Mobile scanning is as simple as pointing a device at your registration plate and letting Anyline do the rest.

The Anyline SDK is also easy to integrate in your mobile app. It’s supported on a large range of iOS and Android devices and can be integrated with frameworks such as Xamarin, Cordova and React Native.

5. Registration Plate Scanning Helps You Learn About Your Customers

By integrating mobile scanning in your registration plate processes, you can glean a new layer of data from your customers. You can find out the exact moment that they performed crucial onboarding steps or gather geographical data about your users. You can use information like this to optimize processes in your business and create more value for your customers.

With this user data, you can guide UX improvements in your mobile app. The results of changes in your UI will be reflected in your scan data, where you’ll be able to see increases or decreases in activity.

The biggest shift in your customer data will occur if you move from manual processes to mobile scanning. This is because you’ll be digitizing customer actions that have happened offline until this point. With mobile scanning, you’ll be able to measure the timing and volume of registration plate scans with complete ease.


While parking control and car rental management are two of the most mobile-ready use cases in the automotive industry, there are some stand out use cases that should be considered.

Porsche Leipzig is a facility with a primary focus on the production of Cayenne, Panamera and Macan cars. It’s also home to the Porsche Customer Centre. This centre provides an intimate customer experience that brings customers closer to Porsche cars and the brand as a whole.

They wanted to improve this experience with augmented reality so customers could learn even more about their favorite cars and how they were designed. Anyline helped them to achieve this by letting visitors scan registration plates in order to access this augmented reality experience.

Visitors can download an app on their phone and scan a registration plate the same way as a parking control officer or car rental agent. Once they scan their target license plate, all the critical information about the car their examining is displayed to them on their own mobile device.

This is a great example of how you can link registration plate scanning with other processes to create a fun and interactive experience for customers.

Anyline is a Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner, the world wide research institute famous for creating the hype cycle model to predict the maturity of emerging technologies, named Anyline as a Cool Vendor for supply chain execution in 2018.

“This is a huge success for us. Gartner are one of the best known research institutes in the tech industry. Their work on the “Magic Quadrant” and the “Hype Cycle” have helped to guide companies for years. Growing enterprises around the world rely on the analysis and reports they provide to choose only the best service providers. To be recognized by them is to receive the gold standard of approval within our field.”

– Anyline CEO, Lukas Kinigadner.

Anyline was recognized by Gartner because our technology supports the digitization of all kinds of data. By removing typing and manual data entry from everyday processes, you can save time, money and resources while also improving your data quality.

Download the Free Anyline OCR Scanner App

You can test Anyline’s mobile scanning technology for yourself with our demo App. The Anyline OCR Scanner is a free app available on the App Store and Google Play that will help you to assess your scanning use cases. It includes more than 10 scanning solutions, works offline and has a +99% scan accuracy!

Check it out now and discover the potential to streamline your processes and services with your smartphone!


Test Anyline Now with your Free SDK Trial

You can scan all kinds of text data with Anyline. Our customers have used it to improve customer onboardingincrease engagement and eliminate typing in their processes. The SDK includes dedicated solutions for our most common uses cases and you can even train it to recognize new text formats.

Download the SDK and begin your 30-day free trial now. The trial SDK lets you try all the following use cases:

Save Time Now with Mobile Registration Plate Scanning!

Save time and money with mobile registration plate scanning from Anyline. You can improve your customer experience, enhance security and upgrade data capture quality all at the same time. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you with a fast and accurate scanning solution.

You can download our free SDK and begin your 30-day trial today.  Integrate it with your own app and test your registration plate scanning use case.

For more information and details on how to add mobile registration plate scanning to your app on a permanent basis, get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!

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