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The latest release from Anyline is out, and we have two major product updates for both mobile and Anyline for Websites!

Anyline for Websites can now read License Plates

Today, we are excited to share that Anyline for Websites now supports vehicle license plates, along with IDs, serial numbers, and utility meters. This development will allow businesses such as those in the rental, parking and fleet management sectors to register vehicles and customers on their website in seconds.

There are many advantages to our Anyline for Website service. With the ability to scan from your phone or computer camera directly into your webpage, you save on the expense of developing a mobile app and the countless hours previously used to manually enter the data by hand. 

Try out the Anyline for Websites demo here!

Improved Accuracy for Tire Identification Number (TIN) Scanning

Last year, we launched our groundbreaking TIN scanning – a first-of-its-kind scanning solution which can read black letters on a black surface – and faster than the human eye!

As we described at the time, it’s been one of the most challenging projects for the developer team, particularly when scanning in difficult conditions, like under low lighting and when the tire is dirty or worn. Thanks to the hard work by our development team, our TIN scanner boasts very high accuracy, which can be tested on the latest version of our demo app.

Download the latest Anyline updates here!

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