How to Improve Smart Factory Operations with Mobile Scanning

Anyline provides smart factory operators with mobile text recognition technology that allows them to scan barcodes, serial numbers, shipping container numbers, VIN numbers, and even documents with your smartphone or other mobile devices. Our technology is +99% accurate, providing instant results, and has a secure offline scanning mode to ensure the highest standards of data protection. Find out how we’re doing this by downloading our new white paper – How to Improve Smart Factory Operations with Mobile Text Recognition.

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What’s in the Smart Factory White Paper?

Smart factories are the versatile, high tech manufacturing plants of the future. Some of the biggest manufacturers in the world are using IoT and computer vision solutions to fuel digital transformations in their plants. We’ve worked with car manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, and more to help them improve data capture in their processes, leading to improved traceability, risk mitigation, and logistics.

Smart Factory White Paper Content

Check out the white paper now and find out how you can benefit from mobile scanning in your smart factory. The white paper has dedicated sections for all of the following topics:

  • What Can Mobile Text Recognition Do?
  • How Can You Introduce Mobile Text Recognition to Smart Factory Operations?
  • Use Case Examples and Success Stories
  • Why Anyline is the Market Leading OCR Solution for Industrial & Manufacturing Processes
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Mobile Scanning from Anyline

Anyline provides mobile text recognition technology to enterprises and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Our mobile OCR solutions use machine learning and artificial intelligence to get the most accurate scan results possible. In 2018, we were named as a Gartner Cool Vendor for supply chain execution. Only 5 companies were named in this category and all were chosen because they offer some disruptive capability or opportunity.

Anyline was chosen because we provide an accurate solution that gets the job done in even the most difficult conditions. By offering a secure and truly mobile scanning solution, we put you right at the cutting edge of data capture technology.

Want to Deploy Mobile Scanning in Your Smart Factory Today?

You can quickly add our scanning technology to your mobile app. We offer dedicated products for scanning barcodes, serial numbers, VIN numbers, shipping container numbers, and documents.

For more information on your use case and solution options, you can contact the Anyline team. Mobile scanning can save you time and money in an instant. We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing about your digitization efforts.

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