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The Digitization of Fleet Management Processes


The increased use of data-rich software solutions to help drive forward the digitization of fleet management processes is more than just a contemporary trend. The digital transformation of this sector is in full swing, with new software solutions that can digitize and automate a variety of business processes appearing all the time.

At the same time, the range of tasks that a modern fleet manager has to handle as well is also growing. Having the ability to capture data using mobile scanning technology can streamline many of these processes, while enabling fleet managers to take their business to the next level of digitization.

Challenges of Modern Fleet Managers

Today’s fleet managers are confronted with a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, such as:

  • Management of the vehicle fleet,
  • Mobility management,
  • Allocation, reservation and handover of vehicles,
  • Monitoring of vehicle safety checks,
  • Commissioning the maintenance and repair of vehicles,
  • Monitoring of insurance companies,
  • Checking of driver’s licenses,
  • Leasing or buying and selling vehicles and
  • Administrative tasks related to new electric vehicles & charging stations.

Automated processes and digitized recordings of these activities and tasks are already taking place, but many businesses are still facing huge gaps in regards to the gathering and processing of their data.

A large amount of data must still be entered manually for further processing in digital tools and business backends, for example for vehicle inspections, customer registration, parking management and fleet management.

Digital Fleet Management Solution

Using Anyline mobile scanning technology, fleet management processes can be both fully digitized and automated. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, it is possible to use any mobile device to record and process data such as vehicle identification numbers, license plates and driver’s licenses.

By using these solutions, vehicle inspections and damage controls are accelerated, fleet management and parking space management processes are easily automated and customer traceability is guaranteed through driver’s license scans.

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Accurate & Efficient Fleet Management Optimization

With mobile data capture, employees can work more efficiently and concentrate on their most important tasks. With the input data being free from manual data entry errors, high quality data is secured at the same time.

Anyline mobile data capture solutions are ready for use within a very short time, as they can be quickly integrated into existing systems. This gives workforces additional flexibility, as every mobile device with an integrated camera is able to perform mobile scanning.

Take your business to the next level of automation – digitize your fleet management with Anyline mobile data capture.

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