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The Anyline team was at E-World 2019 for our 4th E-World in a row and we have to say, it was the best one yet. We had a great time meeting clients, potential customers, and partners from the utility sector. As we know a lot of you weren’t able to make it in person, we’ve gathered some of our biggest learnings from this year’s conference for you. Check them out and see if you should attend E-World in 2020!

Utility Companies are Embracing Digitalization!

The most pleasant surprise at E-World 2019 was that large utility providers from all over Europe are now seeking smart solutions to improve their services. As a fast-growing technology company, we’ve run into people at previous E-Worlds that didn’t understand the coming importance of digital transformation.

It seems like the penny has dropped completely in 2019, with providers searching the conference to find the best solutions for connecting their energy services with the internet of things.

Utility providers have finally embraced digitization and have started seeking out agile companies to support them. They’re trying to find new ways to reach out and engage end users more or they’re looking for solutions to optimize the lives of their workforce.

Companies that offer these solutions no longer need to play the cat and mouse game of convincing providers of the benefits they can offer – utility providers are searching for these solutions themselves and want to develop valuable partnerships with new solution providers.

Mobile Meter Reading Presentations

While it was fantastic to have the interest of large utility providers right off the bat, it was also great to see their reactions to our customer presentations. We were lucky to have customers join us at E-World and give presentations on how they’ve used mobile meter reading to their advantage.

Our first customer presentation was from Frantisek Vasek of Innogy, Czech Republic. He presented the mobile meter reading use case for Innogy customers and explained why Anyline was perfectly suited for their customer’s needs. They adopted mobile meter reading for it’s bill shock prevention potential. Their customers can keep an eye on their energy usage throughout the month with mobile scanning and never have to worry about a large or excessive bill arriving in the post.

We were also joined the following day for a presentation from Philip Sauerbier of energy app provider. energy app provider work with utility companies all over Germany to provide them with smart solutions that make it easy for customers to engage with their home utility usage. They’ve integrated mobile meter reading from Anyline with a number of mobile apps and have a great understanding of how beneficial mobile meter reading can be for home owners and utility providers alike.

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Utility Scanning Tech Demos at E-World

Best of all for the Anyline team, E-World has now become an awesome place to demo new solutions. With providers embracing digitization, the race is on to find the latest solutions to help increase engagement or improve operations. We brought a new and improved booth this year with real utility meters to make testing as realistic as possible. With the opportunity to test out a real-world use case on the E-World floor, attendees were more enthusiastic than ever to try out mobile meter reading for themselves.

Mobile Meter Reading for Apps & Websites

Save time and money with mobile meter reading from Anyline. You can improve your customer experience, enhance security and upgrade data capture quality all at the same time. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you with a fast and accurate scanning solution.

You can download our free SDK and begin your 30-day trial today. Integrate it with your own app and test your meter reading use case. For more information and details on how to add mobile meter reading to your app on a permanent basis, get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!

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