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The utilities scanning white paper is a guide to managing meter switchovers with smart technology. Alongside that, it provides a comprehensive introduction to digital transformations and how you can bring more of your information online.

Mobile meter reading is a growing trend among large utility providers all over the world. As smart meters are rolled out, mobile meter reading apps are the perfect tool to bridge the gap between analog and digital meters.

The white paper is free to download. Just enter your name and email address to access it. You can check out the summary below for a quick look at what you’ll learn!

How to Optimize Your Utility Processes with Mobile OCR

The white paper gives you an introduction to OCR technology and how it’s being applied across the utilities industry. As well as that, it outlines the current benefits of mobile OCR technology and how it can be used to power your digital transformation. Use cases and implementation examples are also included so you can find out how to integrate Anyline in your utility processes.

Here is the full table of contents for a more in-depth understanding.

  • What is Mobile OCR?
  • How Can Mobile OCR Help Utility Companies?
  • What is Anyline?
  • Why is Anyline the Best Choice for Utility Meter Reading?
  • How Do I Get Anyline in My App?
  • Anyline Use Case Examples
  • How Anyline Helps Companies with Smart Meter Rollouts

You can also find further reading information at the end of the white paper if you have more questions. It takes about 15 minutes to read and gives you a solid foundation of knowledge to help you optimize your utility processes.

Mobile Meter Reading with Anyline

You can find more information on mobile meter reading on the Anyline blog. We have a number of success stories and blog posts dedicated to helping utility professionals learn more about mobile meter reading. Here are some resources to get you started:

Blog Posts

Success Stories

Want to Get Started with Mobile Meter Reading Right Now?

Ready to add mobile meter reading to your utility processes? Anyline is a leading supplier of mobile OCR solutions.

You can quickly add our electricity, gas and water meter reading modules to your mobile app to start scanning today. Just get in touch for more information!


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