3 Things You Need to Know about Drone Scanning

Drone scanning is already in use in multiple industries. Have a look at interesting use cases & find out how you can start to scan with drones.

Drone scanning is a technological breakthrough that allows businesses and individuals to exploit the power of computer vision in new ways. The applications of drone scanning vary and cover a wide range of industries and use-cases. Farmers, architects, and field service agents are all using drones to improve the way they work.

But there’s still huge potential for manufacturers, logistic providers, and tech companies to start using drone scanning to save costs and reduce unproductive work practices in their organizations.

Here’s a quick look at where drone scanning is already in use and where it’s likely to go in the future. And if you want to start drone scanning yourself, skip to the bottom and find out how you can start drone scanning with just your smartphone and your favorite drone!

Drone Scanning is Getting More & More Popular

Drones exploded in popularity back in 2015. With the ability to capture high-quality videos from stunning aerial angles, it has changed the way in which people record everything – from sports competitions to music festivals, and even the recreational traveler.

Of course, computer vision developers have also tried their hands at exploiting the agility of drones to design new and unique projects.

Some existing drone scanning use cases you may be aware of include 3D modeling of buildings, farm surveying through color analysis of fields, and aerial cell tower inspections. These applications are growing in popularity and make sense for companies as they help save money, improve safety, and provide high-quality results.

Drone scanning is also a great way to remove workers from dangerous situations such as aerial cell tower inspections. Traditionally, cell tower inspections are manned operations that involve workers climbing towers with a harness to conduct routine inspections. With a drone, the entire process can be completed as an unmanned mission from a safe distance.

In the case of farm surveying, drone scanning provides farmers with information that is otherwise unavailable to them. They can use drone scanning to detect fungi and parasites, assess field drainage, and calculate acceptable rates of crop loss during harvest. These practices are essential for any firm hoping to reach smart farming standards.

The use of drone scanning in the 3D modeling of buildings has many applications for different businesses and industries as well. It can be used to track progress on large scale infrastructure projects or to plan home remodeling projects. Overall, the applications of drone scanning are cost-effective and can gather data efficiently in a variety of ways.

Drone Scanning Makes Perfect Sense for Businesses

On top of a wide variety of use cases, drone scanning is also a cost-effective way to gather images and data. This makes it perfect for businesses that need to quickly share information with decision-makers and planners from remote locations. With the possibility to leverage real-time visibility, decisions can be made and implemented in a very short amount of time. In this sense, drones make the business world smaller and more manageable.

And manned drone operations are just the beginning of what’s possible for businesses. With the ever-improving development of autonomous drones, businesses will be able to deploy their drones to scan and photograph data on a routine basis soon. The potential for automated data gathering in real-world situations presents a huge potential for companies to streamline their data gathering activities.

Companies all over the world still rely on manual data entry and typing to gather data in their everyday processes. Human typing and data entry has inherent problems as forms of data collection. Most importantly, it’s almost impossible for any individual to have 100% accuracy during these processes. Typing mistakes can occur at any point and can have multiple causes such as distraction, fatigue, and stress.

With autonomous real-time drone scanning, companies are able to gather data with much higher accuracy than before, especially due to the use of mobile scanning with optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This improved data accuracy has a number of benefits and helps to avoid unnecessary loss and time waste during daily processes. This is part of the reason that Price Waterhouse Cooper expects drones to save businesses $127 billion within the next few years.

Eyesee is one company that has developed a drone to scan package information in warehouses. As you can see, drones can quickly travel between different packages and gather the data on their respective labels by scanning their barcodes. The same type of scanning is possible with Anyline for all of the following use cases:

Anyline mobile scanning technology works offline as well, to keep your scan results secure and to make it possible to scan targets in remote areas without any kind of active data connection. Our technology even works in low-light conditions, when being installed on devices on which an automatic activation of the torch is possible. With the ability to instantly capture and transfer data when a secure internet connection is available again, Anyline can be combined with a drone to create the most versatile drone scanning unit possible.

Why is Anyline the Ideal Choice for Your Drone Scanner?

Anyline is one of the market leaders in mobile OCR technology and barcode scanning solutions. For businesses aiming to digitally transform their processes, Anyline offers an unmatched range of mobile scanning solutions, which are platform agnostic and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Anyline was also chosen as one of only 5 companies to be a Gartner Cool Vendor for supply chain execution because of the benefits that our technology, which is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, provides our customers with. Gartner Cool Vendors exist across all major areas of technology innovation. Those that stand out do so because they offer disruptive capabilities and opportunities for business optimization.

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