Visitor Tracking for Offices

You can use Anyline to control visitor access in your place of work. A quick scan of a visitor ID can upload their data to your backend where you can decide their permissions. After that, they’ll be able to use their ID to enter all authorized areas of your office on their own.

ID Scanning

Anyline processes information from IDs and MRZs 20 times faster than a human. This reduces waiting times for passengers at airport gates or travelers at border control. You can also upload the collected data to your backend to create a perfect record of the IDs that were scanned.

Entrance validation to clubs

Anyline scans IDs 20x faster than people and works in all light conditions. Its high accuracy means more secure access control for your venue and decreased wait times for entry. You can reduce the friction of attending your venue and save money on security costs with Anyline.

Bottle cap scanning

Anyline scans codes printed on bottle caps so you can create digital marketing campaigns with ease. Once your customers scan their codes, they get instant results about the competition or giveaway that you’re running. There’s no need to check online or wait for results, creating a smooth customer experience.

License Plate Scanning

Enjoy full access control for your event with Anyline’s license plate scanner. You can scan all license plates as they enter and leave your premises. This removes the need for paper receipts and decreases the wait time for entry and exit to your event.

Access Control for Exam Admissions

Anyline is the perfect tool for access control on your school campus. Scan student IDs and passport MRZs prior to admission exams for full access control. This will significantly reduce the duration of administrative processes prior to the exam and creates a less stressful exam experience for students.

Scan Enrolment Documents for Onboarding

Create the best enrollment experience possible for new students with Anyline. By scanning enrollment documents, you’ll create a perfect record of admission and reduce the time taken to complete your processes. This removes stress for students and reduces the workload for staff.

Attendance check of General Exams

Ensure that you take the perfect attendance check before exams begin with Anyline. You can take instant scans of student IDs and passport MRZs to check attendance, even without an internet connection. Anyline will then put together a secure and unalterable attendance record.

ID for know your Customer Program

Your customers can use Anyline to scan their ID or Passport MRZ for instant access to online and in-bank services. Our secure solution is 20x faster than manual data entry and removes the need for form fills. Add Anyline to your processes and optimize the banking experience for your customers.

ID for Account Opening

You can make opening an account simple for new customers with Anyline. Customers can scan their IDs and send secure uploads to your backend. This process is 20x faster than manual data entry and creates a smoother customer experience during initial onboarding.

Document Scanner for Finances

You can scan sensitive financial documents with Anyline in a secure manner. Anyline works without an internet connection so none of your data needs to visit the cloud. Plus, Anyline scans all kinds of documents in an instant so it’s much faster than creating digital copies of your most sensitive financial data.

Parking control

Anyline scans license plates in an instant, even without an internet connection. You can use it to eliminate manual data collection and reporting from the parking control process. This reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and creates more time to focus on parking control.

Document Management

Keep a perfect record of your documents with Anyline’s document scanning feature. It’s highly accurate and creates instant scans so you never need to type again. Scan your documents and immediately upload them to your database with ease to optimize your document management processes.

Border control

Scan IDs and Passport MRZs 20x faster than manual data collection and entry with Anyline. Its secure scanning can reduce waiting times and optimize data collection at your border control. Plus, decreased waiting times ensures higher traveler satisfaction levels and compliance.

Collecting Customer Data


Anyline can scan MRZs and IDs 20x faster than manual data entry. Streamline your onboarding process by letting customers scan their details rather than filling out forms. The transfer of data only begins with an active internet connection so scans are secure while maintained on your customer’s device.

SIM Registration

Let customers register their new prepaid SIM from any location with a dedicated mobile app featuring Anyline. It can read registration numbers, codes and IDs without taking photos or violating any other data privacy laws. Onboard new customers like never before!

The new kind of Receipts

Turn your receipts into scannable coupons and vouchers to engage your customers on a regular basis. They can use their phones to scan promotional codes, ensuring their return without fear of losing the receipt. This convenient approach to promotion leads to a smoother customer experience and increased loyalty.

Scan Vouchers via Smartphone

Make your vouchers scannable to provide customers with a convenient way to participate in your promotions. Your customers will be able to carry your vouchers with them at all times once they’re stored on their phones. This paperless solution will increase customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Tax-Free Shopping

Anyline removes the paperwork from tax-free shopping, making this luxury experience even more enjoyable. You can use Anyline to perform secure scans of passports at your airport store or POS in an instant. This allows customers to concentrate on shopping and saves you time.

Check-in at Airports

Improve the airport experience by scanning passport MRZs via mobile device during check-in. Scanning MRZs is 20x faster than performing traditional manual data entry and more accurate. This will reduce waiting times and make your processes more efficient.

Check-in at Hotels

You can make hotel check-in easier than ever before with Anyline. Scan guest IDs and passports and remove the need for form fills and manual data entry. These traditional processes can take up to 20x longer to collect the same amount of data as Anyline.

Hotel self-service check-in

Make hotel check-in as simple as possible with Anyline. Your guests can scan their ID or passport for self-service check-in in no time. This novel approach is sure to improve guest experience and save costs by reducing waiting and processing times upon first arrival.

Tax-Free Shopping

Anyline removes the paperwork from tax-free shopping, making this luxury experience even more enjoyable. You can use Anyline to perform secure scans of passports at your airport store or POS in an instant. This allows customers to concentrate on shopping and saves you time.


Anyline lets your customers take their own meter readings. It can read all kinds of utility meters, even in low light or without an internet connection. This will reduce your reading costs and give you more accurate readings while customers become more engaged with the reading process.


Your workforce can use Anyline to optimize their processes. It takes faster readings than manual data entry and maintains a perfect record of its readings. It works on almost any mobile device, removing the need for training on specialized readers or embedded devices.

Change Management

Switching from analog to digital meters? Anyline is the perfect tool for handling the change over. You can use it to log the ownership and location of all your meters before and after the switch. This will ensure a smooth transition that will be recorded perfectly thanks to Anyline’s highly accurate scanning.

Car Rental Registration

You can rent cars and vehicles to customers from remote locations using Anyline. Customers can scan their ID and upload their details to your backend from anywhere with an internet connection. This reduces friction in the user experience and optimizes your processes.